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Airbnb gift - anyone else?

Has anyone received a present from Air? This came in the post today (Airbnb dominoes)

Thoughts? and has anyone else received anything from Air in the past?

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Not me! Looks kinda cool!

wow! i’m jealous! :slight_smile:

We’ve received stuff from AirBnB when we’ve answered an announcement on the site asking us if we would be interested in something such as a smoke detector, first aid kit and a nest. We only received a tea towel and the magazine Pineapple out of the blue.

Those look super cool!

Oh, wow! That is cool! We’ve never received anything from air. Alas.

oh wow!! you got a FREE nest ??

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What kind of nest did you receive?

Yes. It was in September 2014 when we responded to an article we read that mentioned nest and airbnb partnering where it mentioned some airbnb hosts were going to receive nest learning thermostats. We immediately responded and I can’t remember how long it took but we were one of the lucky recipients.

We may have gotten it from nest and not Airbnb, but I do know we had to be hosts and needed to send links to our profile and listings. Probably for proof.

I received a $100.00 credit for use ar Airbnb homes for being a Superhost for 4 quarters. Also a smoke detector which I had requested.

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Had me confused. I thought it was a mah jong game set !

That is cute! I want one!

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Very cool. No we didn’t get any such gift! Where are you located? Maybe it’s regional? We’re in Pasadena, CA, USA.

Congrats + Enjoy!


We’re in the UK (The Cotswolds) so maybe its just a UK thing! Only people from the USA could request the smoke alarm by the way! I was a bit dissapointed.

I’m in France and got one - strange!

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I received 2 domino sets, very odd! Haha!

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Foot stomp!!! I want one!!!

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Ahaha, you can have one of mine - Lord knows why they sent 2!!

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Enjoy your gift!

I’ve happened to get a few of small branding gifts by simply attending to official airbnb meetups, and always wondered what are they sending you and when it’s gonna happen.

Anyway, a gift is a double gift in case you don’t expect it. So, just keep doing what you’re doing and make your hosting even better and, maybe, some day you’ll get some nice surprise, folks.

We are in Melbourne Australia and about 150 super hosts were given a Dyson Stick Vacuum at an Airbnb function. Very impressed.

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