Airbnb asking for more free labour

Just Got this…and its a NOPE from me!

Community Leader program details

Representing hosts all around the globe, Community Leaders are an indispensable part of the larger Airbnb Community. As a Leader, you’ll bring hosts together in a local Host Club to collaborate, share, and collectively grow with Airbnb in many different ways.

Moderate a Facebook group

Community Leaders volunteer their time managing a local Facebook group. As moderator of the group, you’ll:

  • Accept and welcome new members.
  • Post weekly, sharing Airbnb updates and insights as well as posting conversation prompts to spark engagement within your Host Club.
  • Explore and discuss how you can advocate for local small businesses and the unique impact of healthy tourism and hosting.

Host monthly meetups

Incredible things can happen when hosts are brought together. Gathering your community for monthly meetups is a crucial building block to strengthening host connection in a fun and inventive way.

  • Gather local hosts together, online or in-person, to learn from each other’s best practices, troubleshoot challenges, and share local knowledge.
  • Use Airbnb-provided meetup toolkits, templates, and resources to ensure your events are a success.

Act as a community representative

We are counting on our Leaders to elevate their community’s ideas and feedback to Airbnb Leadership.

  • Participate in check-in calls with your local Airbnb Regional Manager.
  • Share the challenges of your local community so our team can better address them.

Wow. The cheek. “here’s a list of stuff you can do in all your free time away from hosting without remuneration.”




Yep, just like that other program where they invite you to train/mentor other hosts… for free… the same hosts who will become your competition.

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That was the Ambassador Program? Had several invitations for that.
All I could see was that it was an extra layer for a frustrated host to deal with.
Unpaid and powerless!

“Since we’ve suspended your listing for 3 weeks due to a guest complaint about the cameras, which you disclose in your listing, perhaps you’d like to volunteer all the free time you now have to let other hosts know how fantastic it is to be a part of the Airbnb community.”


Forward to that guy from the Netherlands who is a grad student, with no hosting experience - this sounds perfect for his skill set and provides him a key OPPORTUNITY to get free info for his “research”, while providing sage advice based on nothing better than 2nd hand info.


Me too. I was made a teacher’s aid in 4th grade. I’ve paid it forward. No more free labour!!
Wait. A. Minute. Shit, I do clean a whole apartment for $49 :joy:

Just you so know, once they send you that message, they will continue to send it to you to, apparently, the end of time. Sometimes it’s weekly, sometimes more and sometimes only monthly.

After you ignore it for awhile, then you start getting the messages from the sucker that opted to be the Community Leader.

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Unlikely here- 19 entire homes and I have 5 of them……:joy:

Perhaps at this point we all need to be thanking the moderators on here who also volunteer their time for free - yes, that even means those who i ‘sometimes’ disagree with …

so, its a genuine thanks from me !


That’s really funny when it’s phrased like that. BOOM!

I suspect that they are sending these out to communities where they have had bad press, where housing is very tight and STRs are getting pushed into regulation, and anywhere else where they can find “citizen” lobbyists who host when they need to put the heat on legislators, city councils, county boards, or zoning boards.

That’s what Uber and Lyft did in our state in order to do an end run around local government taxi regulation. They got potential drivers as well as folks who had used them when traveling in the lower 48 to support those bills. Then most of the drivers soon figured out that the only time it was worth showing up was Fri and Sat nights, so folks arriving at the airport looking for so called ride shares at 9pm on Monday night found “no cars available”.

They won’t have any problem getting people to volunteer. All the people who spend time giving free advice here and on the Airbnb Community Center and you think they can’t find unpaid volunteers?


Yes, but we’re more like teachers’ lounge “meetings” vs those set by admin.

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My school district always had plenty of unpaid or underpaid “volunteers.” There are always intrinsic rewards that appeal to some people. But I could be wrong in this case. Maybe there’s no comparison.

I wonder if the types of hosts who would jump at the chance to be an Airbnb ambassador are the same types who would be critical of others’ listings and never leave them a 5* rating. You know, the ones who feel superior.

I’m way too busy to indulge!

Well…I zoomed into a US AirBnB Host Club Event this evening. MC was one of these Community Leaders. I was soooo wishing we were watching together so I could see the looks on yall’s faces. You can imagine how it went. I won’t say any more than that.

The great part was everyone who turns in a review of the event gets a $25 Experience voucher. I may actually use it. They brought up a few things that are coming down the pipe, and while I remember thinking some sounded interesting, I can’t even recall now what they were. I was cleaning my listing at the same time so I was busy.:sweat_smile:

Is anyone here in one of those clubs?

This is reminiscent of the phone call I received from a few weeks ago telling me that because of our of our 5 star rating and great reviews status that we were eligible to participate in some kind of guest gift experience thing where we give the guest a bottle of wine, or a gift basket or a free experience locally. Maybe I misunderstood how it works, but I feel pretty sure we are eligible to do that even if we were the worst hosts on the whole site.


Errr, BDC don’t have five star reviews, never have, and probably never will.

Maybe you’re confused.


Yes you are right, they 8 out of 10 points, etc. Some of the affiliates of BDC have only a 5 available so sometimes it is 4 out of 5 instead of something out of 10. I used the word “stars” as a nomer when describing another site as some hosts are only on Airbnb and that is what they are used to. What exactly is your point as I was describing something that reminded me of this particular situation. Are you normally so petty or did I catch you on a bad day?