After one year of hosting....I have noticed a trend

Older people are harder to please and often give us a 4 star review (not 5 as per normal). The trend also is that people from France do the same. Just saying the facts. Thoughts?


Not my experience! My older guests have left some of the nicest and most heartfelt reviews. To date, they have always left 5 stars as well. I haven’t had many guests from France; in fact just one. And she also left 5 stars. I do have a French family in August. I can let you know how they respond, if you wish to collect more data.

The rating system for the French has been discussed on here before, here’s an example:

I used to think that older guests were more difficult but after a while I realised there was no difference really. Age is not a predictor!

I particularly like the older guests. They are more grateful and appreciative and are more aware of things like how to log on to the wifi (younger guests often need their hands holding).

That being said, I’ve also had great guests who were teenagers, although they can be a little bit more needy.

I’ve had plenty of French guests who have been fabulous - I can truly say that about all nationalities.

However, I really think that because you have been hosting for only a year, you haven’t really had enough guests to be able to judge. A hundred or so guests don’t create a truly representative sample.

It is not a fact @mboody it is just your experience.


Certainly not true in my experience. WE just had a nice older French couple leave, who gave 5 stars (not that I really care about star counts)

BTW – 5 star reviews have to be earned, they are not “normal”.


The other day I went to see my reviews and noticed that now you can see which guest left which review and I I was surprised to see that some of my guests who praised me non stop left me 4*.
all of 4* reviews were left by older guests and only one by one really young couple.
I also have few 3* and in a very beginning I had one 1*. All of this reviews were left by guests over 50.
I have around 100 reviews altogether.

After 3 years of hosting and 230+ reviews I haven’t discerned a pattern among my guests. My 1 star was a mistake and my 3 star was a couple who I allowed to check in early while I wasn’t here. Both couples were, coincidentally, older. But that has nothing to do with it. All my other older guests (dozens of them) have given 5 stars and several of them are repeat stays. I don’t get many foreign guests but the few I’ve had gave 5 stars. People do love to stereotype though and I don’t see that trend abating.

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OR… you can call it statics.
Years ago i did Census. In case someone does not know in US its a data collection on various topics: population count is the most known. But it also had a variety of other researches suns as: how much an average household spends on home improvements, what group sends people to public schools or private schools, income, how much people spend on vacation and so on. We had to go from door to door and ask question: gender, age, race and many more. Its a government job.

What i wrote above is MY statistic. It has nothing to do with me dicriminating anyone. It just that: statistics.


I think it depends on the area! My listing is in a well-to-do suburb, and by far the most-complaining guests are parents with very young children. I wouldn’t of guessed that when I started out!

Best guests are dog-owners. So far…


Also… I DO find that older guests want more communication and they generally want to give me a suggestion for improvement like:

“Softer hand towels would be nice!”

And every time I just have to gush what a good idea that is, and they feel heard; everything is good.


Are they harder to please, or do your younger guests just have lower standards? You don’t mention what type of listing you have and at what price point. Many other hosts have also said their older guests are pickier.

I rent out a separate home and I adore my older guests. They seem very laid back and appreciate the property compared to my young parents with multiple small children. I think they are more laid back just because of the life stage they are in - kids off to college, they can afford to travel, etc.

When I text guests to let me know if they need anything during their stay (shortly after my partner checks them in) - the older guests typically respond gushing with “the place is beautiful blah blah blah.” It is the younger ones who may just say “thanks.” Of course not all older guests respond that way, and not 100% of younger parents respond that way either. But that’s my pattern.

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We are superhosts and go above and beyond in the hospitality and care department. We normally get 5 stars (90%).

Out of over 100 guests I understand it is not a large sample size but we have seen enough to notice this trend for a while now. And I even go out of my way to be nicer and more accommodating to these guests since I have noticed this trend for months now.

Honestly? I wouldn’t bother. Just do your usual nice thing and if they don’t appreciate it - shrug it off. Fussy people will be fussy no matter what you do. And there’s also the danger of presenting yourself as a “doormat”,as in “just walk all over me”, if you are too accommodating. The result is that they have no respect for you and nothing you do will ever be good enough.
You sound confident about your listing and hosting so… stay confident! It’s probably not a real trend, anyway, and more likely that you just had a bad run of older guests. It happens and can knock you back, for sure. Straighten that back and stand tall :slight_smile:

Can you share if this is a shared home? I only ask because it seems that most people who get four stars from older guests seem to be renting out a bedroom in their shared space.

That’s interesting. Can I ask where this info comes from? I’m a private room host and have certainly had my fair share of older guests who didn’t quite get airbnb and expected a traditional B&B with kettle and biscuits in the room etc.,! But on balance I’d say they are generally no better or worse than anyone else. I do admit to still having a slight sigh when I get a booking from older guests, though. I should know better, really, because you can never tell. I just had a young people as guests who could have been 90 years old such was there energy and demeanour.

Only from posts I have read on multiple Airbnb forums. I have zero experience renting out rooms to anyone but roommates. I can only say that in my separate house rental they are the greatest guests for me. But when I get the garage apt. I will be sure to update to see if older guests book and if they find it lovely or just give me four stars.

Then again…it will not be the same as a room in a shared home. So I will have zero experience with that aspect. The “impression” I got from reading posts for many years is the older guests who book a budget friendly place in a shared home (not a cut off space) are the ones who expected a different experience or they were maybe completely content but in their minds it was a 4 star experience even if everything was as advertised.


Oh yes! And it’s fair enough because 4* is categorised as “Very good” by Airbnb so it should be considered as more than adequate.
I seem to be getting a lot of the original hippie generation at the moment. They’re in their early '70s now and a bit wicked! Love 'em.


My best are dog owners, except for one outlier who was my worst to date. And usually my bands are great guests, except for what used to be my worst stay.

I think I would agree re older people and I think it’s as much to do with their reference point as anything else. The youngsters just take one look at my large comfy rooms (“you could fit my whole flat in London into this room”) and enjoy the luxury, whereas the older generation judge you against B&Bs and want that kettle and cooked breakfast.