Advanced settings for check-in all screwed up!

I changed my listing from 2 to 3 nights weeks ago on both my platforms. Two IB reservations still slipped in on vrb for only 2 nights. Called them—pleasantly surprised no wait when you call at 645 am—and rep walked me thru correcting and overriding some previous advanced settings I had made for some dates.
But when I went to check my listing, it was not showing up at all for several weekends in October. I had made some advanced settings for check in and check out in the past, and when I went to look at them they were all changed! So I removed all the advanced check in date settings and my listing showed up again. Has anybody had a similar problem or any luck with the advanced settings settings for check in and check out? I was trying to block guests from checking out on a Friday or Saturday. My rates are higher on the weekend and most of my bookings are weekend and check outs on those days can blow the whole weekend. Check ins on Sunday do the same thing

Enable Professional Tools and then set up Rules for those days.

I would assume “vrb” means VRBO, not Airbnb.

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Yes I have used the advanced settings, but all the settings were changed when I went back and looked. Not by me. Is this a glitch in their— vrbo—softwear? My listing just disappeared. It occurred after I followed the reps instructions to reset for 3 day minimum. I then had to go back and erase all these new wrong settings. For instance, I had blocked Sunday as a check in date and when I went back in, Thursday was blocked, instead. It was just very weird.

Ok will try rules. Thanks for the tip.

How do Airbnb tools work on VRBO?


They don’t. I always use desk top to do the advanced settings on vrbo and airbnb because I can see what I am doing better and some of the settings do not show up on my ipad and just have my phone and tablet this weekend and can’t remember what vrbo calls it. If anyone else remembers give a shout out. The two platforms each have some nice settings but they are very different. Sometimes I think I have changed something correctly and some other glitch occurs and my listing parameters change or disappears. I have learned to check the listing to make sure guests can book for upcoming weeks. I am sure it is probably me and I used the setting wrong but this last one baffles me. .

I was being sarcastic. People can’t be bothered to read the thread but they are happy to tell you what to do.

I am so computer challenged I just assume everyone else on this forum knows more than me! Lol