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A host who travels lists their Airbnb hates - now modified to be called "My Pet Peeves"


I offer my apologies for my unseemly posts (since deleted). They were not only unhelpful but very silly. I had no intention to attack or bully and perhaps it helps to know that I was punished by a horrible stomach bug over the past few days. Not ideal in a home-share situation :frowning:


I also co-host an entire property that is quite fancy (very fancy compared to my place!). Some recent guests asked where they could buy the handwash because they loved the smell of it.
It’s from Aldi… 89p a bottle (around US$1), not exactly luxury when they were paying top prices in high season! Luckily they were really nice people so I felt comfortable telling them.
It’s really nice stuff, though. Better than a lot of premium brands.


I love Aldi and their soap too. Smells good, gets pertinent parts clean and is affordable :wink:


Seriously?? Bloody hell, that’s ridiculous!



We used to joke that Aldi was the only way we could afford our newborn daughter. When she went thru 4 gallons of WholeD milk a week, Aldi was a lifesaver!


Yay for Aldi! I see that the handwash is now 95p :open_mouth:
Glad that I stocked up well for the whole season!


This is a GREAT tip–thank you so much. I buy the big Softsoap refills for hand soap, but I will definitely look into the Aldi kind!


It’s very nice, smells great and is not “anti-bacterial”. That’s important for me, and a big issue actually, because the so-called anti-bacterial stuff destroys your skin and reduces your immune system. We NEED some bacteria, people!


Very true. I used to use anti-bacterial soap a few years ago. I figure I’ve made up for it now though by cleaning up after five zillion strangers and their bacteria… :rofl:


I just stayed in a place with containers in shower for soap, conditioner, and shampoo, BUT they didn’t label them it took a bit of trial and error to figure out which was which.


I can attest to the need to stay in your own place. After staying as a guest, I discovered how rude I am because I only provide a Keurig. Just bot a drip coffee machine for those who prefer it.


I usually do what hotels do, because I figure they have a lot of experience. They do not leave condiments etc. in the kitchen. I think its’ because of the possibility that some crazy person will contaminate the food items.


Thanks for your list. Mine is similar.


I place 4-socket power strips by each bed, and tape it in place. For some reason, one guest untaped it?


This is a big bugbear for me! I have been trying to find some containers with labelling forever. There are loads of very nice (non-wall mounted) dispensers out there but none of them have any labelling!! How the hell are you supposed to work out which contains which?? Serious gap in the market!


It is… and she acted like she doesn’t want me.to be there . And the apparent was so cluttered. Ahh… seriously not worse it. Now think I.g wether to.leave her review or not


Mine (Amazon link above) came with a bunch of little labels with the usual suspects–shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc… It is wall mounted, though. It was super easy to put up and it seems very sturdy. We’ve had it for two years with no issues.


Ha–we had a guest unplug one of ours. You just never know, do you?


Perhaps you should warn potential guest that there is no free coffee …:coffee:


It was not even.a matter of free or not. I would rather her not provide coffee or at least not remind me to.put tip in there. For the last 9 years I stay at Airbnb it’s the first-time a host charges for coffee.
There are other things about her listing that I would advise e others. She has very bad location as buses don’t go there after 8 pm. So then it’s a taxi. Which adds to the cost. And she doesn’t disclose it. She just says bus near house

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