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A host who travels lists their Airbnb hates - now modified to be called "My Pet Peeves"


That’s impressive. I’m sure you have a lot of knowledge to share.


I apologise if I am coming across defensively, however I don’t know if you got to read the 50% of posts that were deleted because of the way I was attacked? That tends to make one defensive! I had 2 choices, continue communicating or run from the forum and while running was tempting with the support of some people on here I soldiered on!

I don’t know if you have read all the messages that are still here but I have acknowledged a few times that the way I presented the list was very black and white and I could have “flowered/softened” it up more and I have apologised for that.

I also thought I had addressed the star ratings but I will do it again. I know how hard Airbnbs hosts work and how tricky guests are, I have hosted over 700 groups in my 4 years, I am NOT and I repeat NOT in the position of annihilating hosts who just need some assistance in understanding guest’s needs and I feel it is quite mean spirited for people to think that I would do that.

I repeat: In relation to my star rating, if I have been waiting for half an hour or more for a host to turn up at the agreed time then I will give a lower rating on check in. I am not the type of person who will mark you down because you didn’t supply cooking oil, that is just silly.

I know what it’s like to receive 4* and I wouldn’t do that to another host. I like to give 5* and leave private feedback if necessary. 99% of the reviews I leave are 5*. However I don’t see that the way I review other hosts is relevant to my list of “Pet Peeves”.


wine glasses are one dollar at walmart or kmart.
They are between 10 cents to 50 cents at the thrift store.
Stock up and replace when broken. No big deal


I perceive from your pet peeves you are more suited to a hotel environment


Hi @Poppy,

I think this is a great list of feedback and hosts should just take on board what they find helpful for their circumstances.

My pet peeve is when the top sheet is tucked in with the bottom sheet and when you open the bed everything winds up messy and creased with the bottom sheet also untucked. Usually I check the bed when I arrive and just remake it right away if the top sheet is tucked in.

@Berkshiresgal @Chloe

We get our wine glasses from the Liquor Store. They seem to have these thick pub style glasses that last forever. I don’t really like drinking out of the thick rim but they are really hardy. I once dropped a wine glass on a hardwood floor and it bounced and did not break!! For 2 busy listings (10 guests) that I inspect and supply - to the best of my recollection - we lost 3 wine glasses last year. Tourist and holiday destination, so yes, they get used a lot.



Sigh…you have missed the point


Thanks @georgygirlofairbnb,

You still have K-Marts? I thought they went the way of the Dodo. But the next time I’m at Wal-mart I’ll check out the wine glasses, and thanks for the tip!

I’m not sure the thrift shop would work for me. I have this terrible obsessive compulsive desire for things to match. So I’d eventually end up with a single orphan glass and I’d end up getting rid of it anyway ‘cause it didn’t have a mate.


I have everything matching in large houses.
Depends on where you live ( wine glasses ).
Here, they have large events, or locations that stamp their names…
example: Food and Wine Festival 2017
When the event ends, all those glasses end up at the goodwill. Nice glasses.
10 cents each. I buy dozens.
Or wal - mart…unstamped, for a dollar when the good ones are gone from goodwill.


@Chloe, If you’re in the States, dollar stores have nice, matching wine glasses for $1 each.


Also IKEA if you have one nearby.


I think we all should appreciate posts like this.
I stayed in Airbnbs lately that i could not wait to get out. That’s why I prefer hotels. Now I pay 15$ more but in fact it’s the same price considering location and breakfast. There is an outlet next to my bed. Tv in a room. Private bath and tons of towels . Little things make a difference. I made so many adjustments on my guest a feedback that looking back I can’t believe I was left all these 5* reviews


I’ve just checked out of an Airbnb in Oregon that was far less “nice” than mine in many ways. When I stay in other Airbnb’s I understand why I get 98% 5 star reviews. I will give this one all 5 stars and I was very happy with it and the owners. I’m thrilled with paying $88 total for three people and a 10 minute drive from the venue where the concert we attended was. The Inns in the little town that hosts were asking over $400 for last night.


I agree when such significant price different worth it. But after my two awful stays I will think twice if it’s not at least twice less than hotel. I am enjoying my room in cute hotel right in old town of Krems so much probably because,I got out of that Airbnb room with neurotic host who even reminded me to tip her for Damn coffee which I already did.

And… I just noticed super cute charging night stands. I am getting them for sure


I wonder about the soap dispenser too. My caretaker wants me to put one in but I have handmade mini-soaps instead that we think have a personal touch. I asked a few friends and they said they wouldn’t use a dispenser because “they don’t know what someone put in it”. So we stick with the mini soap but a dispenser might be easier …


Thank you for this list. Things brought to mind that I might have never thought about :wink:


Bathroom Amenities

I am linking you to a thread where I post about the dispenser we have. We also include bar soap in our toiletry basket, but only one guest has ever used it. I love the idea of handmade soaps, and I think they definitely do add a lovely touch. If you decide the pursue a dispenser, you can check out this one. Ours has been going strong for two years with zero issues.


Thank you! We have the same (in white) are our personal home and love it.

How do guests tend to receive it?

My friend thought it was unsanitary and my other friend said she wouldn’t like it because it might contain cheap shampoo … My husband wouldn’t care if his shampoo was Suave or V05 but I bring my own color-safe shampoo for my purple hair. Bahaha!

What has your feedback been? I didn’t do it bc of my friends’ comments but these handmade soaps are a pain to make and ship to my caretaker so other options might be good.


I have had a couple of guests say they loved the shampoo and asked what it was. Also, I’ve had three or four guests ask me where they could get their own dispenser, price, etc… I’ve never had any negative feedback about it. When I used to do a tour for every guest, many got excited about it and thought it was cool. I refill it often, so I know they use it! I try to keep it topped up so it always has the appearance of being brand new for them. You could always give it a whirl and see if you get any feedback about it. Oh, and purple shampoo is always part of my personal arsenal, too!:grinning:


It seems like anyone that paranoid should travel with their own soap. You can also get miniature soaps shipped from Amazon. Not handmade special but individually wrapped.



We were looking at that for the next batch. Much cheaper and still nice. And yes, this friend travels with paper plates so might not be the most rational (or maybe just doesn’t like to do dishes) hence why I am here asking. :wink:

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