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A host who travels lists their Airbnb hates - now modified to be called "My Pet Peeves"


Looks like a good case where the ‘location’ rating makes sense.
Even though you could see it on the map, it looked better than it is and the listing is not showing the whole story …no buses after 8pm …


Great info. I’d sure be interested in seeing your Guest Instructions, if appropriate. I worry mine is to long, since we need CYA & common sense things listed. If appropriate, share at info@DragonheadRetreat.com

Kathy Holdway, Deep East Texas USA


Even when traveling with my family… I prefer liquid soap over my whole family sharing the same bar of soap. I have teenage boys. Ick, Just ick.


Poppy, I think your list is great and helpful. I read it as a black and white. Meeting for check in is a royal pain and I don’t care for it. Even if we are checking into a large property with a large group where there is a boat, hot tub or some other complicated things that may need one on one explanation, we can meet the host after we have lugged all belongings and groceries.

Butter? Nah

Bar soap? Ick…, I don’t want to be sharing that with my own teen boys. I’m already grossed out by stepping into their rooms. :laughing:


My 18 year old had friends back after a night out last night. The library of unpleasant smells, mouldy, cheesy etc. made me feel quite lucky for my boys. Mind you my bar soap is strictly for me only!


I have their itinerary, which covers the basics like check in/out, garbage, parking etc. and the things that I want to get across, like “please leave my home as you’d hope I’d leave yours, with the dishwasher loaded and turned on as you leave” etc.

And as guests have trouble finding their itinerary (I don’t know why as I can always find mine easily, it’s the large red itinerary button!!) I also post it as a message on the platform.

And then I have what I call the Practical Property Information which is online in the house manual and printed in a Welcome Kit. It is ridiculously detailed, right down to how to use the toaster, which cracks one of my cleaners up!

I am happy to send them through to you and would be interested in seeing yours (ha ha)! I am surprised that someone else hasn’t asked as what a great way for us to brainstorm.

I am forever tweaking them, just last night I was researching which meal delivery companies operate in our area as a guest had asked me, so I have just added that too!


@Magwitch -

You can buy a label maker and make your own labels. We did that for the light switches, and a few other places where I wanted guests to have a little information nearby without a large sign. Sadly, we don’t get there often enough, so it helps us know which switch does what, too.

We also label the 220V outlets and the 120V outlets - we have both in the house and not all Americans know what the 220V outlet is. The labels are plastic and seem to stick well even when wet, although I have not tried them on shower dispensers. Ours even has a nice italic font to be a little fancy… I can’t recommend our model, as they don’t make them anymore.


yes, I feel the same way. I agreed and do everything on the list correctly except I also do the liquid soap so I didn’t understand that point.


I’m just curious, how do you get $10,000/month charging $60-$70 per night. That tip would be really useful!


I get these but use nicer soap like Dove, for long stay guests with ladies. Also have liquid too…


I have answered it before but I know there is a lot of messages to go through.

I obviously need some remedial classes in using liquid soap as I can never get it from my hand to connect with my body, therefore I travel with my own bar soap!

I also do not follow this in the villas I manage, as I only supply liquid soap, so this is not one I follow myself!


$10,000 a month is what my villas earn.

$60 - $70 a night is what I spend on accommodation when I am travelling.


Oh dear; the shame of it. I confess that between the pair of us we must have broken at least 10 wine glasses in the last three years. But they are cheap and cheerful from Ikea, in bulk every so often.


When you charge $300+ per night you can provide lots of extras. $60-70, not so much. Interesting list though, for a certain segment of the market. Where we live, $60 might get you a spare bedroom… Thanks for posting.


The biggest bone of contention in your list–liquid soap!! Get a grip, woman! :rofl::joy:


Hi, yes I’ve tried that but the labels soon start peeling off and looking nasty. I do find it strange that it’s so hard to find some nice simple dispensers with the contents either engraved or written on the bottles! Anyway, it’s a proper first-world problem… lol


That’s your problem right there! You use liquid soap with a scrungy (pouf, scrubby, whatever you call it) a loofah, or a washcloth, etc., not your hand. We supply washcloths in our showers - no one has ever asked for bar soap.


Of course, Eastern Europe is cheap, I can’t travel for that price in Europe! However none of the things on my list are expensive or what I would consider luxury or “extras”. Just basic items like putting pillow cases on spare pillows and sharpening chopping knives every few months because if you don’t use them yourself you aren’t aware that they have gone blunt (I found that from experience in staying in my own apartment).


I don’t think I stayed in one place on the last 3 month trip that supplied anything like what you have described, just towels. Easier to travel with my own bar soap as if I carried my own cloth it would be pretty mouldy and smelly after a few days.


That did make me laugh, now I need to take a class on how to get a grip on liquid soap…tricky…

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