A host who travels lists their Airbnb hates - now modified to be called "My Pet Peeves"

I travel a lot and use Airbnb all over the world, I am also a host, plus a property manager. I have just returned from a 3 month trip to Eastern Europe and I used Airbnb a lot, always as entire homes.

I got very frustrated by a number of things so I decided to make a list of them.

My hate (peeves) list:

Having to meet for check in or even worse for check out – damned inconvenient, set up a lock box, security box or keyless entry.

Doing the tour, here is the kitchen, here is the bathroom, here is the cutlery – I can find my way around a home (I have just travelled from the other side of the world to get here, so a house is a cinch!} – what I really want is some privacy so I can go to the toilet. And log onto the wi fi so I can check My guest’s Airbnb messages.

A lack of instructions and parking information – Have everything pre-written in the itinerary, if it is difficult or complicated provide detailed photos beforehand.

Saying you have a kitchen when it is only a kitchenette – how can you cook a meal with one hot plate and a microwave?

Distance, 10 minutes walk from town – rubbish, whatever the distance is given, double it.

Location – too difficult to find where is it on a map?

Booking – waiting for host, instant book only!

Meeting people in general – I just want to get in.

Lack of information on working appliances – maybe this type of washing machine etc is normal in your country, but I have never seen one before.

A lack of extras – I shouldn’t have to buy salt, pepper, cooking oil.

Towels on the bed – I want to get into bed, why aren’t the towels in the bathroom where they belong?

Lack of vanity/bench space – where am I meant to put my toilet bag?

Lack of information – where is the supermarket and when do they close?

No milk – seriously you supply coffee and sugar but no milk, same goes for butter.

No toilet spray – really??

No fly spray – always needed.

Lack of pillows – a least 2 per person, and spare pillows in the cupboard should have pillow cases on them.

Rubbish – being made to take the rubbish to some receptacle in town. I am already struggling with luggage, often steps and a strange neighbourhood and I have to carry my garbage as well?

Asking me to phone to confirm check in time – what is wrong with the Airbnb app? I am in a foreign country, I don’t have the ability to phone and you can’t understand me anyway. A google maps ETA is good enough, refer back to lock box.

Beds where one side is against the wall – great bathroom exit in the middle of night, not!

No bedside table

Blunt knives

No wine glasses

Liquid soap in shower (a personal quirk)

Nowhere to put my suitcase.

Washing machine but no powder or no way of drying clothes e.g. a clothes horse would be good.

Poor photos

Multiple photos of the same thing.

The bathroom is shown before the living and bedroom.

Too dark.

The toilet – I don’t need to see that.

The toilet seat up – really? I know you don’t understand about styling but…

Irrelevant photos

No clear photos of beds


This one specifically… My guests (especially longer term guests) keep moving the furniture around, and several have moved the beds TO be against the wall like that. I don’t understand why, but some people must like it…

Wow, you sound like a really fun guest!

Having said which, I admit I actually agree with a lot of this …


I found many of these helpful. Thanks for sharing. :grinning:

Edited to add: I won’t book a place that requires me to take my trash out either and I see many listings this way. I will collect and bag it, but please don’t expect me to find the big bin to toss it.


There are a few things on your list that I can agree with, a few things I feel totally different or the exact opposite, a few things I could imagine if I were a different kind of person.

My main question however is: How much did you pay on average per night? I understand that price always depends on the location of the listing, but still it would be good to know what you paid on average to put things into perspective.

And another question: Why do you book places with the bed against the wall, while the photos probably show this from the start?


I agree with pretty much everything on the list… except, what is your beef with liquid soap in showers? I have a dispenser in my shower with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. People seem to like it. I’m curious why you don’t.

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I agree with a lot of the list, but many airbnb properties may be several hundred years old. Furniture placement and other items may be limited based on layout and specific characteristics of the unit. If you want perfection, you should stay in a hotel.


I have to say that I agree with almost all of your items. I have traveled a bit, too, and have found it easy to compile a list like this. And I do allow for some locations where some of it just isn’t possible. (such as a tiny space in a congested metropolitan area where the bed just barely tucks into a nook.)

But many of your items were cheap and easy for hosts: to have salt, pepper and even olive oil on hand costs very little.

And others I consider necessary such as a luggage rack. Anything to discourage suitcases plopped on beds.

And these were many of the things that I employed when I set up my rental house for Airbnb guests.
One item I would add is bedside lights that make for pleasant reading in bed. And extra blankets in the bedrooms.

And I admit, I look for stylishness. When I am on a well-earned vacation, I like to stay somewhere that is pretty and pleasant. Yes, location is crucial for various reasons (my husband and I travel by bicycle) but dagnabbit, staying in a shabby place with half hearted appointments stomps right on my vacay buzz. I like a place that looks at the very least like someone cares. If it looks like a place where they took much pride, more the better.

Thanks for your list. I would have no problems with any of the items on your list. I am now going to double check my toilet photos…! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why is liquid soap a problem? I wouldn’t want to use bar soap that other people have used.


This is quite the list. It sounds like you’re tired and glad to be home! :wink:

As someone who has a soap dispenser, I too am interested in why this made your naughty list. Also, are there things that made your nice list–things hosts consistently did well? Were your hosts kind? Were their homes clean? Did you feel welcome?


Oh my gosh, you guys. I think it’s really nice for people who also use AirBnB as guests to offer some insight into things that bug them. This is HELPFUL. I don’t understand why people need to be so rude.


I agree with others that you sound like more of a hotel type of person.

Please add me to the list of those curious why you don’t like liquid soap in the shower?

I supply extra pillows in the closet, along with pillow cases, but I don’t put the cases on the pillows. If I did, I would have to take them off the pillows and wash with each turnover, as I couldn’t be certain they were not used. This way, I know they were used if the pillow cases are on the pillows, even if they’ve been put back in the closet, which does happen.


I agree but then I had a filthy thumbs down a couple of weeks ago who just used it without a pillowcase. Disgusting. Good job I have a few spare pillow protectors so I could change that straight away.

What on earth for? What’s wrong with being clean? Or in a problem area I would prefer fly screens on the windows. Fly spray is highly toxic. I wouldn’t allow it in my home.


Yep. There is no way to outsmart all of them all the time.

Yes. He had to actually move the folded pillow case out of the way to get to the pillow. He was clearly determined to be lazy and dirty.


I’ll fess-up to preferring bar soap to liquid soap. I can’t help it - I think it’s just what I grew up with and I’m used to having the feel of a bar of soap in my hand. If I analyze it, I think I feel that bar soap makes me cleaner then liquid soap. I do have liquid soap in my guests bathroom showers but I also put out a wrapped bar of soap in each bathroom. In two years I’ve only had about a handful of guests use the bar soap. Not wanting to waste the used soap I put them in a big jar for no reason, which will probably be found in my house long after I’m gone and people wondering about my mental faculties or penchant for used bar soap


That’s the thing, I would use the bar soap if it was wrapped and had obviously never been used by another person but I would never, ever use bar soap that another person has potentially put all over their body. It just wouldn’t feel hygienic to me.


I put the pillowcases on the pillows in the closet and tell guests in my welcome message to leave them on the bed if they use them and then I know to wash them. So far this has worked well. I am sure that any number of people can confound this, though!

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Perfect that’s what guests need as using pillows with out pillow cases is gross!

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