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A host who travels lists their Airbnb hates - now modified to be called "My Pet Peeves"


Any guests arriving on the back of a dinosaur?


Funny you should say that… I have indeed had a couple who might as well have!!


Lol I bet it’s really bumpy like a :camel: camel.


Please leave my pet T Rex out of it!
Took a loooong time to train him not to eat the neighbors, and he is useful for heavy long loads.


Not to mention that he’s a vital emotional support :wink:


Like hotels, Airbnb gets the good and the bad. You have to accept that. Just recently, I got the worst man I have ever had. The next guest was the nicest lady ever! People like that make you want to trudge on and forget the nightmare which was for a short time anyway.


I was talking as a guest. As I said I will book airbnbs only if price difference at least twice with all the inconvenience it comes with comparing to hotels and lack of amenities.


What amenities are lacking compared to hotels?


Let’s just start with 24 hour reception, maintenance on call if there is a problem in the bathroom and the ability to be able to move you to another room immediately if there is an issue with yours.


Bed comfort level can be at an expected level based on Flag.


If you are looking for a hot tub and room service what are you doing looking at Airbnb rentals?


All mine have spas/hot tubs, these days room service is just a food delivery service call away.


And usually better food at a more reasonable price!


I am doing this: looking for cheaper price. This is the one and only reason I stay with Airbnbs and I stayed at 100s of them. Many Airbnbs by the way have hottubs. I was never interested in room service.
There are plenty of other amenities that hotel has and Airbnbs don’t like breakfast , pool, consierge. Most important for me location and check in. Many Airbnbs host are very strict about not leaving luggage and you have to be there at certain time and god orbid you are late. For me it’s a major inconvenience
Most hotels are strategically located and tourist friendly. Most Airbnbs are not.


What a great reply, from an obvious traveller. I agree with so much of what you have written. Price is very important to me as well. You can usually get a better deal on booking and often if you find something on Air then you can search and find it cheaper on booking.


Price is very important to everyone in this world even Bill Gates. And someone who says ita not and they are looking for " experience s" are not serious. .Price is a motivation for me these days to go for hotels more often. By the time you add up all the fees and and lack of amenities that also cost money and to top it off with all the restrictions Airbnbs have and review system and how you have to watch your every step and clean after yourself or else…And then you end up paying 10$ a day less for Airbnb…no. I am not in the category of backpackers anymore nor at their age to handle with ease picky fussy superstrict hosts who charge me for coffee . The can handle extra 10$ a day, wake up to a nice all inclusive breakfast, cable TV ,fast WiFi , tram stop in front of my hotel, pleasant stuff ready to help and answer your every question where to go and what to see , buy that tram tickets and relax at the pool at the end of a day.


This struck me as odd, because I never think of booking dot com as being cheaper. I guess that’s because they charge me a 15% commission, then I have to collect the rent and PayPal charges me 3%, so the total fees are 18%. On Air and VRBO it’s usually about half that. So our total price on booking is nearly 10% higher than what you would pay on another site.

But I guess that math isn’t right for the properties where Air charges 12% fee to the guest - it’s a whole lot closer. I never thought of that!


I don’t think all hosts do their sums right and take into account those charges when listing on booking


… and with a little bit of digging, booking direct should save a buck or two as well.

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