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A host who travels lists their Airbnb hates - now modified to be called "My Pet Peeves"


Aw thanks @PitonView, that’s really kind of you. Unfortunately they don’t ship to the UK, though :frowning:


Anyone shop on woot.com? They have a deal on these nightstands, (I just replied to my own post #119) while they last. marked down to $55 each, different (lighter) color, but still solid wood with the powered USB ports.
Free shipping for Amazon Prime members.


Thanks for posting this, I’d been thinking about these and this sale pushed me to decide.


40 or so stays in and I still love them. I have those felt sticky things I’m going to apply to the bottom of the legs. They are scraping a bit on the hard wood floor. But so does everything else. :smile:



This explains so much!



THANKYOU for assembling this comprehensive list. I’m sorry that you were initially overwhelmed with the negatives, especially after you took the time to provide a view from the other side. Despite all that, I’m glad that it has led to a good discussion that fortunately has turned constructive.

I’ve never stayed in an ABNB and only stumbled into hosting after purchasing a home that had a mostly unused guest house. I’ve tried to model my ABNB as something that would appeal to myself, a self described “hotel snob”. So YOUR list provides me some further insight / validation I wouldn’t have had.

I will add it to the ongoing suggestions from guests (i.e. full length mirror, robes, plastic glasses for pool use, trash bin by toilet, toilet brush, light dimmers, etc). I also came across this article and it had a few things that I’ve added (first-aid kit, flashlight, coasters,bathrobes):

What I can offer regarding your specific pet peeves is that I’ve learned that “one size doesn’t fit all”. A lot is dependent on the guests (age, reason for visiting, time of checkin, etc). I have about 60% middle-aged couples on vacation, with the remaining percentage people in town on business or to visit family or friends. I try to assess specific needs before the guest arrives (including what type of milk they prefer for their coffee).

I offer guests either self-checkin or a personal welcome. I’ve never had anyone not opt for the welcome. It does give me the opportunity to make a good first impression, and also help with their luggage, if not mitigate any concerns on the front end. BUT if someone (like you) wanted self checkin, I will be compliant.

I’d like to believe that I’m compliant with most of the things you look for, with the exception of:

… if what you are referring to is Lysol or Glade sprays, there is a door to the toilet room - yes there is a picture of it in my listing :slight_smile: … and both the main bathroom and toilet room each have ventilation fans (with timers). In lieu of having proper ventilation I guess the spray is the solution, but a masking spray would probably be my pet peeve.

… we don’t typically have significant fly problems, so this might be geographically specific.

I’m currently on the liquid soap bandwagon … just installed some dispensers*. I used to offer individual travel size bar soap, shampoo and conditioner, but the dispenser minimizes the clutter atop the vanity. For those that prefer bar soap or individual shampoo, I also have a vanity drawer with unused toiletries (bar soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, razors, shave cream, etc) should a guest forget theirs. I pick up travel size items in the $.99 aisle of Target. In that drawer I also have a photo of what soap, shampoo, and conditioner are contained within the dispensers, so guests can assess what they prefer.

… not sure if I have too many but I figured the more detail provided, the better perspective of reality.

My listing: https://abnb.me/EVmg/XviTLKqm7J

Lastly, since Liquid Soap seems be the ‘Trending Topic’ I’ve attached the *Dispenser I recently installed; It comes in single, double or triple. I like the simplicity of it, and my place is modern and minimalist so it fit right in. I wanted something similar to what I’ve experienced in spas or better gyms.

Thanks again for all your input and PATIENCE.

PS. One of my pet peeves of traveling is lack of charging ports or easy access to outlets (for phone, laptop, iPad, etc). I’ve tried to address that in mine.


Nice tips. I’m glad you decided to come back for another visit.

I just installed a new wall mounted lamp in my airbnb room and put my new table (thanks @yecatsr) with built in USBs. A few weeks ago I installed a non-lighted magnifying makeup mirror on a swing arm. I think my continuous efforts to upgrade my humble listing keeps me competitive.


Thanks you for taking the time to write your interesting post. This has developed into a good discussion.

You have certainly put a lot of thought into the needs of your guests. I have also had guests suggest bathrobes but we have a lot of one night stays and have enough trouble getting the washing done now in the couple of hours that the cleaner is there. There is no way we could manage to get robes washed and dried as well.

In relation to the photos, I have seen lots of listings where the photos are identical or almost identical. I click through thinking: yes, I get it, I have seen 5 photos of the bed!

I have about 15 photos of the villas, everyone different, and serving a purpose, showing all aspects (apart from the toilet). I then have about 10 photos of things to do in the area.


You can by little half and halfs like restaurants use in bulk $18/100 and they are good for a year unrefridgerated.


Just an FYI: I read that too, and was leaving my guests a bottle of wine. Then I read the AirBnB Host Protection Insurance Summary, which you can find on the AirBnB website at [https://www.airbnb.com/users/hpi_program_summary_pdf]. There is a section called “Exclusions” in which it appears that if you serve liquor to your guests, it voids the policy. I went looking for the policy because I had read about the alcohol exclusion and its impact in another forum. From reading the summary, I’m not sure whether the clause applies to the host or not. I tried to get the entire policy from AirBnB but was unable to do so. The SH CSR told me that there was a special group that makes the decisions about what is covered, and what is not, and they don’t give the entire policy out. But it was enough to stop me from leaving wine.


Thank you for that, I have now read it and it makes very interesting reading!

We also have our insurance and public liability as I think it’s too important to rely just on Airbnb’s.


Looks really nice in there @K9KarmaCasa. Price is right on nightstand. Please do follow up on how yours holds up. Mine are good with 40+ stays, we’ll see. Guests like to leave the USB ports on. I turn them off when they leave so that’s my only concern is what happens, if anything…do they burn out? Sorry, just thought of this!


Good point on the laundry. As my (private) bath is not en suite, and I’m in home host, I bit the bullet (thanks again WOOT.com) and purchased cotton robes that were priced at amazon for $50 US more. (I got them for $23). I figure, what the heck, I can bleach them, or selectively leave them for longer stay guests. We’ll see I guess.
EDIT: Meaning, the ladies (or men) don’t have to worry about traipsing around my house having forgotten to bring essential clothing into the bathroom now, before showering.


Then there is the language barrier. Do you post house rules in more than one language?


People who are travelling to a country where the native language isn’t theirs use google translate. Goggle translate has an app where you hold your phone/device over the printed words and it is instantly translated to the language of your choice on your screen. You don’t have to day anything, it’s very handy in restaurants too.


Thanks, I liked your suggestion about adding the dogs, so many have forgotten.


What is toilet spray? Deodorizer?


VI Poo?



Umm…no! Some people still travel old-fashioned style, relying on human interaction and a good old phrasebook. Yes, really!! I’ve even had guests who didn’t have a cellphone. We all survived :slight_smile:

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