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A host who travels lists their Airbnb hates - now modified to be called "My Pet Peeves"


Wow, thank you. Not many people agreed with that at the time. I was pretty well vilified over it. So again, thanks.


All of this. Every drop.

If I may add, angry all caps rules and demands within the listing and outrageous threats for any damages. I’ve said it a million times, guests are NOT your enemy. Bad guests might avoid you but that nasty language scares off good guests too.

I know there are probably many hosts who disagree with me but I’m a host, and a customer experience trainer and threatening guests in your listing is a terrible, no good, bad idea.


I’m sorry but I don’t know who or what you are talking about?


I was agreeing with your post. Must have clicked the wrong one.


Yes, that’s what I use myself because I’m a bachelor. I buy cases of UHT milk quarts at Costco while all you can find in supermarkets here is half gallons or gallons. It’s great for my upstairs 3 rooms with cereal breakfasts.


New member here, first post.
I really enjoyed the original post and the subsequent conversation. I am a host who probably goes overboard as I enjoy the process. But I only have the one space so can spend the time on it.
For my space, I had my best friend stay for the weekend a few times and she would make a list of things that would improve her experience. She is an admitted persnickety traveler, which is just what I needed. For example she asked for a small bench in the stand up shower as it was a pain to shave her legs with nowhere to prop her foot. She suggested I add a row of hooks in the walk in closet for various things, etc.
I will add that I agreed about liquid soap, it used to annoy me. Then I figured out the issue with the pump dispensers. Most people mount them too high. So you are kind of reaching up to the dispenser, gravity wins out and the liquid starts running down your arm before you can cup it and get it to your head or body. Think about it, when you use a squeeze bottle of shampoo or what ever, you put your hand at about bellybutton level and squeeze it into your hand before lifting it up. So in my own personal shower I had the niche for shampoo put at waist level. Then I had a second niche at shoulder height for the squeeze bottles to sit. I’m about to remodel the shower in my rental unit and will do the same thing. As an aside, I make my own soap for fun so I leave a small bar as a gift for my guests. They can use it, or take it home.
I use these dispensers in the shower.

[Pump bottles](LIKEHOUSE CNC 27.05 oz Pump Bottle of The Bathroom, Waterproof Label Sticker,Pack of 3, Shower Plastic Bottles, Empty https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BRSXXLX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_0RTxCb2NMYC2P)


I have three “entire house” AirBnB rental houses which are all on lockbox. I keep milk, butter, eggs and bread stocked for guests in all of them. The bread has the shortest “use by” time frame. If you get the right kind of milk, it can be good for a month or longer. It’s not a big expense and guests seem to appreciate having those things. Check out organic milk–the brands available in my area generally have “use by” dates with 3 or 4 weeks to go on them. I’ve also found they don’t spoil by the “use by” date and are still good a month later–though I remove them from the AirBnB houses by their “use by” dates and take them home for us to use.


What a useful post! Guilty as charged on the house tour! I will take the 10 minute settling tip from now on.

Will add power strip and phone chargers to every room.

Buy extra pillow protectors.

I could not find the “anti-microbial solution spay” on amazon. What exactly is it?


That’s only if it’s kept refrigerated properly during that time, right? That’s my concern about anything like that. How do I know the guests refrigerated things properly the entire time? I just don’t want to take that risk. I say this because I have a husband who routinely forgets to put milk away for a few hours at a time. :frowning:


You don’t know that guests have refrigerated things properly, so it’s a risk, I suppose. But considering all the other risks of STR, that one is pretty far down on my list–so far down I had not even considered it. But I would hope that guests would have the sense not to used it if it’s gone off. Hopefully, they would let me know about it so I could correct the issue.


@Keugenia True, and everyone has their own level of comfort. I think we have new regulations that won’t allow us to have anything opened like that anyway so I couldn’t offer it even if I wanted to.


A freak putting something in opened containers is also a concern when it comes to regulation and safety.


Yes, that too!! There are also the folks that will drink directly from the container. :frowning:


@Primdawg, can I ask whether the illustrations are printed directly onto the bottles or if they are on transparent foil that can be removed? Like you I make my own soap, but also liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner - I’m always searching for the perfect dispensers and these look nice but I’d like to attach my own labels.

Good idea about a bench in the shower … we stayed in our own Airbnb recently, and being, er, somewhat mature and not a yoga babe I found I couldn’t stand on one leg to scrub my feet! Went out and bought a plastic stool the next day!


The labels came loose in the box and I had to apply them. There are quite a few cute options on Amazon.


We have a rule that anything that has been opened gets thrown out.


Thank you. I should have also written that after the loo break the next thing I want to do is log onto your wi fi to check the Airbnb messages from my guests. I am normally sitting at the kitchen bench doing that while poor Mr Poppy is enduring the house tour. He is a much more patient person than me but after a month or so of having to arrange to meet hosts on time and put up with the meet and greet every couple of nights even he said no more! We book self check in only or we use BDC. We still found that with self check in some hosts insisted on the meet and greet…


I stayed in a whole house Airbnb that had lots of open stuff in the fridge. It was a family vacation home and it was filled with their stuff including in drawers and cabinets. So that’s what I would expect in a family home and it didn’t bother me. And I used some of it without fear.


Ugh. I hate it when guests do that, it’s SO bloody rude. I was one of those who gave you grief for your initial post and I’m going to do it again, I’m afraid. If you are incapable of common courtesy in respecting a host’s desire to check in guests personally, you have zero sympathy from me.

I co-host for an entire property and almost all bookings come through BDC. I check guests in personally. I don’t care if they don’t like it, I want to look them in the eye, make sure they’re not sneaking in extra people and/or pets, show them the few quirks to the place and answer any questions. Everybody has been polite and appreciated it so far. The few times that a guest in my own house has wandered off during the house tour looking bored, they got a bad review from me. I don’t like rude people.


Why not filter for Airbnb for Work, which requires self-entry as well as other amenities, then you won’t have to interact with hosts you don’t want to interact with, and hosts who prefer to interact with guests won’t have to interact with you.

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