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A host who travels lists their Airbnb hates - now modified to be called "My Pet Peeves"


I use an exfoliating puff–makes a wonderful lather! :grinning:


Where have you stayed that don’t supply wash cloths? They are standard in any hotel and I would expect any Airbnb.


Apparently both you and Poppy.

Because I don’t use them I can’t recall if I had them in my European hotels or not. But I stay in budget or family owned places. I’m sure our overseas hosts will be able to enlighten us.


All over Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, India, South and Central America I did not see many wash cloths.

You would also expect that a functioning toilet is “standard” but for the last 2 nights of my stay In New York ours didn’t work and the only thing the host did was tell us where the public ones were!


I would prefer to bypass the cloth and go straight for the soap!


@Poppy , I’m getting more and more confused by this topic, but it’s been a real hoot! I guess I understand why you don’t like the liquid soap now…


It has been a laugh hasn’t it?

My sister in law is a senior accommodation manager for a national hotel chain, when she read my list she said “what’s your problem with liquid soap??!!”


Ha ha, I provide both. I have no answers though!


@Berkshiresgal and @joan We, ahem, us hosts are guilty of breaking all of our nice wine glasses. We went stemless long before “guests” came into the picture. It’s not during the wine drinking, but the washing is a challenge.


I have never seen a washcloth (flannel) offered at any UK hotel (Hilton, Radisson, Heathrow hotels etc.). Maybe as an option in 5 star. The fact is most people don’t use them. I like them. I have offered them to guests and noone has wanted one.


I supply a basket of flannels (washcloths) after seeing such on here, during a thread on makeup removal, soiled towels, face wipes and experiencing the dreaded sewage pipe blockage. I’m always surprised how well used they are, to the extent that my towels are often left unused, apart from a small one. I bought them in bulk from Absolute Home Textiles, in colours that match each bathroom, and found matching baskets in Dunelm.


I think that’s great. They are very environmentally friendly as they are simply washed with towels. I have found people just bring those disposable make up wipes. Thankfully they put them in the bin because there’s a sign above the Saniflo.


My local pharmacist says old fashioned bar soap is better for the skin (I get ezcema if I am not careful with skincare and getting enough EFAs). It doesn’t contain sls. Also it’s better for the environment because it has minimal packaging.


I have just added the other thing I want to do as soon as I check in, after using the bathroom I want to log onto the wi fi to check the Airbnb messages from my guests.


The two things people here want is wifi and the bathroom. Many hosts seem more concerned with what they need than what the guest needs. The Airbnb magic happens when what the guest needs fits hand in glove with what the host needs and provides. When they conflict we get airhost forum posts.


Perfect understanding, as a host and a guest, thank you.


I agree with this. In our house manual, the first thing I mention after our intro paragraph is the wifi login info, and I use a highlighter to draw the guest’s attention to it. I want to set the tone that their stay is about them, not me.


I am worried about Airbnb future,. I loved Airbnbs because of them.I started my intense traveling. Almost all Airbus I booked this time I can.say were.not worth for.me. And.now I finally stopped and booking hotels. The difference is so little.between staying in private room or hotel room. It’s just not worth it at all.
Prices are so close.without benefits of.hotels.and professionalism of hotel and amenities. And on top of that I was charged for.coffee, not allowed to even.boil water, couldn’t get host to fix and bring standing fan in 100C heat .Some hosts were unpleasant to.the point I didn’t want to go back to that apartment. Some Airbus I booked not even check-in. hotel prices by habit. Now I am.being carefully.
Warsaw: Best western 40$ with amaZIng breakfast buffet, all American.channels on TV, PIANO playing while I have drink at the bar and exchanging stories with other tourists. AC and super fast WiFi. Coffee and tea free all.day
AIRBNB same city but just a bit closer to centre still not walking distance: same 40$,no breakfast, no coffee, hot steaming apartment, 4 channels in polish on TV, supermodern bathroom and kitchen.that impossible.to.figure out and host doesn’t answer (I had to Google.how to use stove)
Austria: 12$ difference comparing to hotel right in center, cluttered apartment, coffee for.a charge comparing to.full breakfast at hotel for.free. I only spent 4$ a Day on buses to her house and.last bus was at 8 pm. Also I shared bathroom with her and one.morning she knocked and Said she needs to.leave and she needs to.brush her teeth while I was using toilet. So lots of fun.
In my last experience while.dealing with all these hosts and having no advAntage whatsoever in price I will stick to hotels.
I know I am not perfect and my listings are far from luxury and I make mistakes all the time but at least I am.dirt cheap comparing to hotels. At least 50%.And I have SMART TV Ion each room.with free Netflix and all posSible channels. I offer light use of kitchen and hot drinks plenty (for free).
And… in hotel I don’T need to clean anything or.be afraid to spill, or eat in my bed or make noise or not say anything wrong…or…or…or

So those who dont like.what OP said better listen and take it seriously because I can.see the end of.it if we don’t improve our services


@Yana I’m sorry you’ve had such bad experiences with Airbnb. It perplexes me that travelers want to book a random “spare room” in a strangers house without any amenities, I know I would not enjoy that, however this is what Airbnb was founded on. I see a definite turn away from this model with Air Experiences, Plus Program and the increasing minimum requirements to be SH, etc. When I book Air, it is a place that offers an experience that I wouldn’t get with a hotel, with many more amenities and I have yet to have a bad stay. Thank you for sharing your experience as it provides insight into where
the current Air model is going.


We all looking for.different things in.Airbnbs. Mine always was much lower price. And decent stAy. Which for 9 years I had.but not anymore.
Another thing is check.in. there is no.way I am.going to.make it on time using.g planes and trains. And that host can.complain.how.long she waited for.me as much as she want. I just have no.way of informing her until.I get that SIM card

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