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A Hospitality poster for hosts



@edouardt Yes that was what I was trying to do !!! :slight_smile:


Thank you, I may go back and do my map again now.


I don’t know what kind of data you are using, but it obviously doesn’t work well everywhere. This is how downtown Prague looks with your app. (And yes, in reality it looks quite different and on other maps it displays properly, or at least better.)


When I put in two other cities I know very well, it also gave a result that wasn’t really satisfactory. They do say it’s hospitality ‘art’ and not the perfect map. Although most of us would like the perfect map instead of art.
For where our listings are, the result was good, but it’s a place with some very clear main roads that allow for easy readability.


I actually disagree on this. I consider this more as an art. I would put it on the wall in frame. I was already looking and thinking about purchasing similar maps, where are only street lines. In my opinion they look great from the artistic view, but nobody can use them for orientation. For orientation I will provide maps with street names and other important spots for orientation (sightseeing, high buildings, parks, metro stations, …).
But I’m kind of map freak (cartography degree) :rofl:, so I’m biased on this. I don’t know if others would consider hanging map on wall.


I’m kind of inbetween. I think it would be handy to give guests a quick visual on the orientation of the city and where recommended places are in relation to my home. It might also be handy for pointing things out when we are chatting about the area. To actually arrive at any destination I would expect them to look up the place on their phone, get the address and use a map app, not rely on this.


I would like to give them the smaller ones so they can find our favorite places, and I would like to hang a big one next to the breakfast table, so that I can indicate and explain. Maybe you are right that I’m expecting too much of this.


The idea behind this poster was to help hosts prominently display a few key pieces of information is an esthetic way. It wasn’t meant as a detailed map (hence no street names). Google map does a good job at helping people find directions.
We are exploring launching a foldable map with a different design, the kind of map you would give to your guest so they can use as a local guide and could also include more house rules etc.

If we were to launch that, what kind of features would you want to have in this foldable map?


Oooh, GutHend, you’ve given me an idea. I’ll run copies through my laminator and make placemats!


We actually found the issue with these missing streets, it should be fixed in a few days. Thanks for pointing that out!


Only problem: The maps are vertical, a placemat is horizontal.

@edouardt Something else to consider :wink: .


Yes, we are definitely considering the landscape view, especially for our folded map version, with more details… But the placemat idea is a cool one! Not something we thought about before :).


Why, I bet I can make them horizontal with some kind of border, through the MAGIC OF TECHNOLOGY. haha.


Oh dear, next you will be selling us tote bags and umbrellas!


This is all your fault, GutHend, I am now busy designing placemats with a lovely border of famous sights from Washington DC metro area. And I will need a volume discount, Edouard, because I’m already designing in my head a whole set of laminated placemats – nearby historic homes, hiking trails, bars, restaurants . . .


We fixed the missing road issue. This is how it will look like. It will be live in a few days. Thanks again for pointing that out.


I will keep fooling with it. Stuff is so spread out where I am I can’t really get a good view that makes sense. If I could I would pay for it.


Would a landscape view work better?


Oh! Yes! I think it would!


We released the new map style that includes a fix for this.

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