A Hospitality poster for hosts

We’re giving a free gift code to members of this forum, in exchange of feedback.

This is a tool to create your own Hospitality Poster. At checkout use code AIRHOSTSFORUM to get the JPEG for free (you won’t need to enter an cc info if you use this gift code) and we would love some feedback.

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The code did not work for me.

This works for the JPEG option only, make sure to click on the “verify” button next to the gift code field before checking out.

I like this product.

I have some feedback: The circle in the upper left corner is bigger than I’d like. In a tourist center with dozens of nearby shops and restaurants I might want it this big. In my town my “favorite places” are 2 to 6 miles away and that circle is taking up too much of my map.

I understand you have costs but the price seems too high. With so many guests simply using their phones to find places they don’t need a map, they just need names, and maybe addresses. I can print those out at home and put them in my guide book in the room for pennies.

One more thing: can I save and come back to it later or do I have to determine everything I want to put on it at one sitting?

I live in Australia - does this make a difference to code validity. I tried again but the code is not working for me. It says invalid code.

Invalid code here too !

I entered the code and it discount applied, but that’s only for the jpeg, you can’t get $10 off a poster.

My location only gives me the JPeg option.

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The same here !

@edouardt Does the size of the jpeg file matter?

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I answered one of my questions. I clicked over to check out what it said about entering payment and the code and clicked back and all my work was gone. So no save function is a big fault in my mind. I’ve already wasted enough time on this but some other hosts might like to try to get a free jpeg so I’m going to leave it for now.

Here is a 10% discount code for the other poster ELIOTSF

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Yes, it’s only for the smaller size.

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We’ll fix that, thanks for the feedback

What a bummer :unamused:, after I put in so much work. Mmmhhh, smaller size, less feedback I guess.

It shouldn’t but we are checking. This code is valid for the small JPEG only. The one that costs $10

Yes, we don’t ship abroad. You can use the coupon a free JPEG, (the small size, the one that costs $10)

I was able to get the code to work on the 8.5x11 poster and received a zip file with jpeg file. When I opened the file my edits were visible but the actual map with roads did not show up. I ended up with a page that had the large circle and my text copy and the rest of the page was blank. I like the concept but price is too expensive for me to consider purchasing. I would want to have these as take away flyer for guests, so would want to print a hundred at a time. The large circle is too big and takes up too much room. The zoom capability is limited and I wish it was continuous not pre-set. I like the layout and the style of graphics and having choice of colours. It’s amazingly easy/intuitive to use including bringing up places close to my place which I loved.


I got the promo code to work using the small jpeg this time. However as @BurmaPark found only the edits printed and not the maps.
It is a good Idea though. I have been trying to think of a friendly way to advertise my house rules and this would work.


We’ll resend the JPEG, this is was a bug.

Here we go…

I think there is definitely a market for this: In fact I have been worrying for months about how much time it was going to take me to put together a nice personalized city map with our favorites for our new place. In the past we used the official tourist map to explain things to guests, but this is a much easier way to guide them to “our” places.

As you are looking for feedback, you are probably aware that the software isn’t a 100% yet.

My remarks:

  • No way to save my map :weary:. This is really troublesome when making the map for the first time, but is also a problem when my favorite restaurant closes down or I discover a new bar in the future, and I want to make a new map. I will have to do everything over again. In that case I’m quicker off photoshopping the jpeg you provided :roll_eyes:.
  • Very annoying is the fact that I can’t put my favorites in another order. I put them all in the list and at number 20 I realized I had forgotten one between number 1 and 2. I had to delete everything and basically start over again. When I realized this, I made a list on paper first.
  • US$ 25,00 for a jpeg of a map I would like to update maybe twice a year, is WAY too expensive. You should at least distinguish between printed maps and digital maps.
  • The colors are nice, but more possibility to personalize would be better. Since I couldn’t decide on the colors offered, I just downloaded the 4 versions. Given the steep price, you could offer digital customers all versions for the price of 1.
  • Only one color option, shows parks (green) in a different color, while these are major orientation points on an abstract map.
  • The zoom function isn’t gradual enough, certainly taking into account that it all has to fit in perfectly in the predetermined graphic design.
  • The graphic design isn’t flexible enough. I was VERY VERY lucky that the main attractions in my district are to be found in a triangle that perfectly fits between the circle and my favorites. If the triangle would have a NW-SE orientation instead of a NE-SW orientation, I would have been totally F#%&$D and your product would have been useless to me. Title, circle, house rules, favorites should be more flexible in size and placing on the map.
  • I didn’t put in any house rules. That map is about having fun, not about being ruled. I put in a nice frase instead.
  • OUR PRIVACY: You got my name, email address, and listing address. I sure as :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::wink::angel: hope you are not going to abuse that information.
  • I didn’t put in the url since we will have different listings on the same address, and with time we will probably publish them on several platforms.
  • When favorites are close to each other, the circles (with numbers) overlap making it unreadable.
  • My second favorite wasn’t listed, but I was smart enough (probably not everyone is), to pass by FourSquares and put it in there. You should include this advice or option: “If you don’t find your favorite here, register them first on Four Squares. You will find them here immediately after.”
  • Favorites should also be possible OFF-map, with an arrow indication direction and distance close to the side of the map. (That’s how Lonely Planet does it in their maps and I think it’s great.)
  • Some favorites have too long names on FourSquare and therefor ruin my layout. I could double register them, but I was too lazy to do that.
  • Instead of a small house to indicate where our listing is, I would like the option of a hearth. (Home is where the hearth is.)
  • I’m wondering if it’s ok for a map to not have 1 single street name on it. Don’t people need at least the names of the biggest streets to orientate themselves. As I look at it, I can imagine that the map is still very (too) abstract for a first time visitor. And just imagine a city with streets on a strict grid pattern, the map will become totally unmanageable without street names.

If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know. And please do feel free to send me a code for a large poster through private message :grin::blush::hugs:. I would love to hang one of your posters next to the dining room table. Thanks!

BTW: My 4 posters arrived with everything showing. Congratulations on your idea / product ! :+1: