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A Hospitality poster for hosts



Good news, we just launched a new version that includes a couple the landscape mode and a couple of features people in this thread have asked.

@dpfromva @GutHend @KKC @Ben_Hooper

  • Landscape mode
  • Ability to hide the small map
  • Ability to change the labels on the list of favorite places
  • Ability to save configuration for later

This is fresh out of the oven, we just released the beta today ( yes! we release on Sundays :slight_smile: )
The gift code AIRHOSTSFORUM is still active you can get the 8.5*11 JPEG for free to give it a try. Would love to hear what you think.


This is really cool!! I’m going to work on mine some more later. I like the small map as it’s more detailed, but I wish I could just drag it to another location on the map of my choosing. Otherwise it blocks out too much. Hiding it works but I don’t really want to hide it, I just want to move it! If I could move it and it would draw an arrow to wherever I moved it to that would be great!


Ugh. It is just not going to work. My “favorite places” are too spread out. Wonderful service, though. Oh, well.


Zooming out doesn’t help with this. Or Is the problem that you have different clusters of places?


ooo I see the Charles Bridge!


Mine accurately shows my boonies. It might be really nice for city hosts though.


If I zoom out too far the four things near me in my hamlet just clump up on top of one another. Unfortunately, I think the solution to an elegant map for my purpose is to adjust the scale like the New York City and London Underground maps. Which is asking too much.

This should give you an idea of the challenges. Nearest nature attraction is 5. Fav restaurant is 6. I didn’t even try to get in the towns I recommend for shopping and antiquing. The roads aren’t even labeled. In between, just NYS Wild Forest.


I’ve just come back to your site after 2 weeks and I really like the changes you’ve made. I haven’t finished my poster yet. Are there any more changes planned?

I’m really impressed with your responsiveness, btw.


It’s not going to work for me. I’m way too rural.


Yes, more features are coming out next week.


We just launched the new version of the site new styles, colors and lots of new feature and bug fixes and maybe some new bugs :). Give it a run and let met know what you think! The gift code posted on this thread still works, so you can get a JPEG for free.


I’ve seen you’ve taken a lot of my previous comments into account :relaxed:. I should definitely start charging a commission :stuck_out_tongue:.

I just had a look at the new software:

  • BUG: When I change the style from CLASSIC to DISCO/RETRO/STARS the map is shown in a circle. When I return to CLASSIC, the map stays circle shaped. Refreshing the page solves the problem, but also makes me lose all my work :confounded:.
  • When I first made my map, back in the days, my favorites very easily showed up because priority was given to local venues. Now, if I start typing my favorite venues all over the world show up. This is NOT good.
  • Probably this is a FourSquare thing, but a few of my favorites have just disappeared, so I will have to register them again (when I have the time).


Love the improvements! My house icon is now actually on my street, before it was in the middle of the school building behind me.


Thanks @GutHend . We haven’t been able to reproduce the first 2 issues. Do you use chrome or a different browser?


I use Safari (mac).

I just double checked:

  • The BUG stands.
  • The favorites seem to act normal again. Strange :thinking::thinking::thinking:. I didn’t do anything different. Maybe it was a temporal Four Square bug. All of a sudden I had to add our city to get the local places.


Fixed, that was a safari only bug. Thanks a lot for the report.


Glad to hear that, the marker had a small unintended offset before.


Oops, I went back because one of my places was off the map to downsize a bit, and my house has migrated back to the schoolyard.


I have played around with this map in the past, and really love it. However, now that I’m ready to order a final one, I can’t find the website! I mean, I can find Eliot & Me, but not where the map builder is. Has it been taken down?


I think you would need to ask the originator @rmiriam . If you can’t find the site, it would seem so.

You could message the original poster but he seemed to only come here to promote this map and hasn’t been seen since :slight_smile:

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