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A Hospitality poster for hosts



Hi, would you be able to resend mine. Thanks


Awesome feedback! we’ll send you a special gift and no, we don’t use your information for anything else but to generate the map.


Why did you create another forum account? And/or who are you?


Just to be clear, the mod team has discussed it and we are going to let this post stand for now because so many members have found it useful. But in the future, all promos MUST be vetted with a moderator before being posted. Thank you.


Maybe because he is limited in the amount of posts he can make? That might be the reason.

@edouardt I guess your like was the confirmation of that theorie. In that case we will see you tomorrow! Don’t worry, we won’t run away :laughing:!


This is not a duplicate account, I also work at Eliot and replied because @edouardt is limited in the number of replies. Sorry for the confusion


A moderator asked @edouardt to provide access for free which he did prior to reposting


Please email your order id to help@eliotandme .com and we’ll take care of this.


Got it, easy to use, would be good to be able to move the you are here circle.
The first downloaded poster ended up larger resolution than I thought, so I lost one of the listed favorite places. I did another color and recovered it, so probably user error. Could you incorporate an error message that something listed is off the map?
Then I wanted to go back and put in my full address, so ordered another. I guess it’s like anything else printed, if you screw it up, you’re stuck. Maybe add a last-chance “Are you sure” before finalizing the design?
Concur on the lack of any street names being problematic, adding major roads would orient guests.
Concur on it would be nice to be able to re-order the favorites list. My number order on the map looks a little goofy.
I also noticed the missing park shading-in on the yellow-blue and the red maps.
It looks good graphically, way better than my copied maps with hand drawn dots and hand printing.
You might want to sell an annual “subscription” at a slightly higher price that allows x number of updates to the jpeg, if you could figure out how to track that.
I got a 16x16 art print map of my metro system for $25 on Redbubble, so check your price competition. It was not thick poster paper, however.
This is a slick idea that would work for a number of applications – garden tours, city walks, pub crawls, what have you.


I’m going to order mine after all my fellow hosts get the bugs worked out. :wink:


The maroon on beige is kinda hard to read when printed out.


This is a message for future promos other people may want to post.


Thanks for the feedback.
We print on thick glossy laminated paper and ship for free in the US


I emailed the poster I created to myself so I could check it before ordering and it didn’t save any of the changes I made.l


@edouardt Great tool! thanks so much!
the overall experience was great from beginning to end, it worked exactly how i expected it to and was very clear on it.

The primary way i was using this was as an interesting design addition since i have a guidebook set up on airbnb already. However, i know that some (maybe even most) guests don’t know the guidebook exists so this would be a good fall back for highlighting top places.

Some feedback:

  1. more theme options would be good
  2. the circle in the top right is big for my area since most things are more spread out. I tried to click and drag the perimeter to make it smaller.
    3.prices seem reasonable for print out versions


@Helsi , not sure I understand. Can you clarify how you emailed it to yourself?


Hit the button that gave me the option of emailing it to someone :slight_smile:


How does the Airbnb guide book work?


This email button is just to share the website. It doesn’t actually save your poster.


We just added a “save for later” functionality to help people edit and go back to modify the poster later.

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