30+ day amenities

Hi everyone, I wanted to get your opinion on something.

When a local party books with you for 30+ days, do you supply amenities (tp, Kleenex, soap, etc.) for the equivalent of those 30 days? Or would you host as if it were a short-term guest since they’re local and likely bringing in their own items while they await a remodel, for example?

Just not sure which avenue to take, knowing they’re bringing toiletries/food from their existing home to mine while they’re in limbo for a bit.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Depends on your discount.

My discount for >28 nights doesn’t leave me much margin. They can use whatever is there then they need to buy their own


My max stay is 2 weeks, but I know many hosts deal with long term bookings by providing a starter pack of essentials, enough to last a few days to a week, after which the guests are expected to provide their own.

The important thing is to make it clear at the outset, not spring it on the guest after they book or when they arrive.


Thanks for the insight. This person stated that they were very new to str’s and in fact I’m their first one, so his expectations are very low I think!

Knowing they live right in the area, I expect they will bring a lot of their own things from one fridge to mine and know where the grocery stores are, etc. Such a different experience than hosting people from out of state and I just wasn’t sure but setting a clear expectation is perfect. Thank you!

Personally, I would be offering no more than 20% discount and I would be requiring access to perform a weekly cleaning at which time I would also restock consumables such as toilet paper, coffee, soap and shampoo, laundry detergent, etc.


I try to leave enough for the entire month but I do contact them midway and ask if they need anything. 9 out of 10 will say they’re okay and there is nothing they need. Only one said they needed more coffee which I dropped off. I figure it’s good customer service and they’re saving me a lot of time since I don’t have to clean during their long stay.

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We have had 30+ day guests only twice. I would say that any time we have a guest sign a month-to-month lease, which we did both of those times, we aren’t responsible for ongoing supplies. Our lease stipulates that.

We do what other hosts have said in this thread: We provide starter supplies—shower gel, shampoo, hand soap, toilet paper, etc. Beyond those supplies, the guest (or short-term renter) is responsible for providing her/his own supplies.

Of course if one of those renters asked for a roll of toilet paper late one night, we’d give it to him or her!


Thank you! I think the thing throwing me is that they literally lived right in the neighborhood, just sold their house and need somewhere til they find somewhere else to buy. So they’ll have their own pillows, linens, food, toiletries to transfer unlike other ‘vacationers’ who wouldn’t bring such items.

I think I’ll do what I’d do for any STR guest, put the basics plus ice cream for their kids and a bottle of wine for the adults as a special treat, then they’re on their own for additional items as needed. Most people don’t like the laundry detergent I supply anyway, so buy their own.

Since we aren’t a ‘hotel’ they can’t expect daily coffee/towel refills and changes; that’s the trade off with having a whole house vs just one room for 4 people and a pet!

Thanks all for your feedback!

With the current real estate market in my area, I think the demand is there and the money can be good with less work, to do these rentals.

I had a 3 BR 2.5 bath condo doing STR. My best money, easiest money were 60-90 day relocation rentals.

I’m doing a 12 month lease now. When it’s over, I may go back to doing 60-90 day relocation rentals. I have no desire to do STR in a condo that large.

I’m not in a vacation area so STR demand tends to be weekends only for weddings, graduations, & ball games. The cleanup was too difficult for the low rent I could get.


Thank u. Wow, how do u calculate how much coffee or TP people will use?!? This is an entire house, not just a room so I’m having a hard time. But I think I’ll play it by ear and check in on them to see what they may need, if anything, like u suggested. :slight_smile:

You provide a weekly cleaning?!? It seems that’s a huge benefit to their being there longer; LESS cleaning! :wink: But I do like a chance to get in and see what’s going on if I had any question in my mind they weren’t reputable. I don’t allow IB ever, I interview my people to the hilt. Maybe not the best money-making goal long term but I’d rather have quality people than quantity with issues.

I have a whole house rental that sleeps 6. I figure 2 rolls of toilet paper per day plus I leave extras in the closet. For coffee I leave two bags of coffee per week but also have extras in the pantry. I leave them a note telling them if they need more, to help themselves but if that’s not enough, than I can drop off more. I buy in bulk so it’s cheaper. Sometimes guests don’t use any of the coffee.

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What do people do with toilet paper that 3 people go through a roll a day? That’s like over 2 rolls per week per person. My solo guests have never gone through more than a roll a week, nor do I.

Not suggesting hosts cheap out on toilet paper, I just don’t get how people manage to consume so much tp.

I know that at my own home, just my husband and I, go through a lot of toilet paper because we both have allergies and use TP instead of tissues.

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I thought that was extremely excessive myself! I think my family of three goes through one roll a week. These people will be here 8 weeks so I think eight rolls is sufficient honestly and I use the quality Charmin Ultra, not the cheap junk that some people get away with. Scottsdale doesn’t allow for that!

Okay, that makes sense in your case. I’ve never bought a box of tissues in my life, as I don’t see why one can’t simply use tp for nose blowing.

I posted a link to this a couple years ago, but I can’t find the thread. According to this, the average person goes through a roll every 3 to 4 days.


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Cute article. I take exception though, to being considered less intelligent because of the way I hang the roll :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And I must be abnormal because a roll lasts me a week or more.

I know that people from countries where they wash instead of wipe think it’s gross and disgusting that people would just wipe with some paper instead of washing themselves. And it is, when you think about it.


I also use TP to clean up hair balls from my five cats.

I don’t generally have stays of more than three weeks but I do the ‘starter pack’ thing. I tell the guests at the house tour that for this evening, if you don’t want to go out to eat, there are some snacks for you, a bottle of wine and takeout menus. There’s also breakfast stuff in the fridge so you won’t need to go grocery shopping until tomorrow after breakfast.

I then explain where to nearest grocery stores are. They get the messahge. :wink: