3 stars for cleanliness for ice falling out of icemaker

I had a guest who rated 3 stars for cleanliness. For reason in that section she put the icemaker was too full, resulting in an occasional piece of ice falling when she opened the freezer.

She messaged day of checkout raving about her stay. Then mentioned a certain corner of one bedroom she could smell an odor. She had it really narrowed down! My cleaner and 2 other people could not detect an odor anywhere in that room. That’s where the vent is, if she turned the furnace on maybe it was that. Although we ran the heat… nothing.

She also called right after check in due to a leak in the plumbing resulting in water hitting the ceiling downstairs. Her guest let the bathroom floor get soaked :woman_facepalming:. No plumbing issue. I should have docked her for that but I consider that a design flaw as it’s not foolproof. I plan on installing shower doors for those who can’t close a curtain.

I did message her after reading the review and told her she was my only 3 star rating out of 100 guests, and I would have been happy to have a cleaner come empty the ice maker bin.

I have the home in 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom configurations. The 2 bedroom is cheaper, and gets the pickier guests. Goes to show the cheaper a place is, the less nice it is perceived. Not always but I realize the home may be priced too low. I’ve deactivated that listing and only do the 3 bedrooms from here on out. I would rather have it sit empty.

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She sounds very petty especially when her guest flooded the bathroom floor. I hope you responded to her review pointing out the flood created by her guest.


Chesney mentioned in a web-meeting last year(?) hosts being able to have 1 review removed if was bad/extraordinary. An example would be the super host with with 100 5-star ratings gets a 3 star rating for odd reasons, so that 1 bad review can be removed.

The review mediation policy doesn’t specifically address it BUT I would ask Airbnb Customer Service to send my concern to the Mediation team and have it removed

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Luckily it was in the private feedback. When she gave 3 stars, AirBnb prompted her for the reason and that’s what she put.

I did let her know I would be unable to host her on future trips in my message. She replied the star was an accident. I’ve left reviews and I know AirBnb will prompt you if you select 4 or below. I only give 5 stars but I clicked 4 once to see what would happen, and it immediately let me know so I could change it or explain myself lol…


I may save this get out of jail card then lol. Thanks! I took that listing down and have an overall 4.9 rating. On her written review she put home was awesome, light and bright, great views.

But the ice incident must have almost ruined her trip :rofl:


Valid point. You may wish to consider if the 3star rating will affect your superhost status. Superhost isn’t necessarily that important but I value the dedicated support line.

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Good point! I closed down for 3 months due to COVID. I’m not sure if I will qualify this go around. We are fully booked through the summer so hopefully I will next go around!


I wonder if she did so because she was fearful of what you would say about the leak in your review of her; getting the boot in first, so to speak.


Possibly! The type that would call over insisting the plumbing is broken instead of realizing the floor is soaked sounds kind of self righteous as far as personalities go.

I did tell her 3 stars is considered unlivable. So hopefully she will rate future hosts more realistically.

1 star must mean that everyone in the guest’s group died because of the host actions or the condition of the listing. Wait, then who would write the review. :crazy_face:


This looks worse on the guest than you.

If you have a couple/six free hours… Then be prepared for them to escalate it to the trash bin never to be looked at again.



The first summer after my house was built, I went on holiday for a month and had a friend house sit for me. He called me in a panic two days after I left, saying he thought the toilet was leaking, because the bathroom floor was all wet. So I’m really worried, thinking maybe my septic system is backing up or the toilet seal needs to be changed.

There wasn’t any issue with it leaking somewhere else, or damaging drywall or wood- my house is concrete and tile construction. But obviously something had to be done.

Then I thought to ask him if he remembered what I’d told him about checking the shower drain screen if the shower was draining slowly, which gets plugged up with dog hair, since it’s her fave place to sleep when the weather is hot.

He checked it, phoned me back and said he felt really silly- that was the problem- the shower water was just running into the bathroom from the attached indoor/outdoor shower.

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Pretty much lol! 1 star involved crime scene tape somewhere in the home!

“I turned on the TV and a show that I didn’t like was playing. Ruined my entire stay” …

What a jerk guest! Sorry you had them.


I am guilty of judging guests by which TV channel had been last watched (discovered when turned on while I clean)
-> FOX News is a one point deduction in House Rules Compliance. :-1: :wink:


Since the 2016 election, I only had one guest who was a right-winger. Since I home-share, I have a lot of interaction with my guests. I never bring up politics, but they do, then it’s open discussion. It’s a hard thing to ignore these days. All but one were horrified by the orange menace.


We have smartTVs with roku. I deleted the Fox News apps off of them :japanese_ogre:


I have had several cases in which I gave guests a LOW rating. One was for a guest with a two-year-old who put fingerprints all over the 52-inch LED TV in the living room.
I did not get asked about it. The guest was unhappy but deserved worse than the three stars I gave them.

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I bought 2 4K TV sets to use as large computer monitors, and eventually they’ll end up being in rooms, after I add the bathrooms so I can afford to pay for cable for guests… I’ll have to take a look at the Roku menu, and try to disable Fox.

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As I understand it they remove text but not stars. It’s a disincentive to bother hosting. I’m hoping to move to ltr.

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