Zimmerman and Reed

Have y’all seen the Zimmerman and Reed advertisement that is out there for Hosts to get in on litigation for lost host $$ for covid cancellations that were mandated during lock down. it basically is asking if Airbnb cancelled reservations outside of your regular cancellation policy during the pandemic. Now I myself are not interested in getting involved in this sort of thing, as one of my properties actually made more due to the pandemic, initially I thought we were going to be in trouble, but after a Hugh influx of cancellations, we really only sat idol for about a week and then people started booking our rural cabin in MN for longer stays that actually netted us more. now out beach property in AL took a hit, but we balanced out with our diversification of properties. would ANYONE really do this? I would think if you plan on continuing to host this would be a death sentence to your listing with AirBnb…

From a European perspective, no more than ambulance chasers, that’ll never get close to the tail lights due the Airbnb Tos.

Fear of ending up on the naughty step prohibits me from commenting further :rofl:

Still a bit confused as to why Bob Dylan and Lou Reed got into the legal biz…



Yes they will. Although bound by the TOS, I’m sure they are hoping for Airbnb to give $$ to make this just go away.

Some people jump at “free money”.

When the lockdowns & cancellations occurred, I panicked. My prime rental season was starting and I need the $ to help pay the mortgage & expenses. Like @Robin It ended ok. I had rentals from Healthcare workers not wanting to risk taking Covid to their families. Not for the same money but enough.

Two years ago they may have done, now… hmmm. Not so sure

Just my (relatively) informed opinión.


I think so too.

While trying to go public they wanted to avoid the whiff of trouble
Now since public held they have a different agenda

Assuming it’s a class action, I don’t think Airbnb would be notified of every member of the class, but there would need to be a few representative hosts to act as plaintiffs.