Your instant book may be broken. please read!

Totally frustrated and I’m taking a massive financial hit.

I rely on Instant Book and have three properties that are some of the most popular in my mountain town. For about a month, you simply can’t IB my places. IB is turned on, but if you filter the map by IB properties, they don’t show up. People can only request to book my places. I have no IB requirements other than the absolute basics.

I have an open ticket with ABB about this and they say it’s a “system bug” that they’re working on. Case managers have escalated it multiple times to the product specialists but nothing has happened. Meanwhile my properties sit totally empty.

Can you please check your listings and see if it’s an issue? On my FB group, many people have reported the same thing. The last case manager I spoke to said I should try to have as many people report this to ABB as possible and it may push the fix up in the queue.

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Thanks for your post…I recently began to use IB, not a single booking in 2 weeks!! I’ll be checking it out!

I actually noticed this last week as well. I searched my town, and my property didn’t come up. Then I took off the IB filter, and it showed up. Turned the IB filter back on, and it was still there. But now that I know it’s not just me, I will file a support ticket!

I have the same issue with one listing.
And I had this happened before . I had no choice but create a double listing. Because techsupport is not moving very fast

I used a private browser and turned on instant book and my property came up. I’m in the metro Boston, MA USA area.

I tried doing a double listing but it did the same thing, so I believe it is based on my account and not my listing. Please report this!

No problem here. My listing shows up in search and I had three bookings this week, all IB. I’ve never had an issue in my 4+ years here in El Paso TX. The only issue I’ve ever had is with location and how they center the map depending on the number of listings available.

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I tried it again today, and it seems to be working fine now. But I’m going to try every couple days now and make sure I’m still showing up!

Another of MANY reasons NOT to use IB!!!

I have the same problem; I’m a Superhost with 5 star rating, around 100 bookings in 7 months. I always did Instant Book, never cancelled anyone until recently when I asked ABB to cancel someone that had IB but had anger issues that I was uncomfortable with. This was within 24 hours of his booking, and several weeks before his stay. They willingly cancelled the booking, said there would be no punishment.

Immediately after that, my bookings stopped, until I finally got a Request instead of an IB. I called ABB, finally got an answer… if either I or ABB cancels someone, for any reason, I will be removed from IB for awhile… but no one can tell be exactly how the software works, just that it is flagged and I need to behave for awhile before it will turn IB on again. Crazy!

While I understand some hosts get bookings without IB on, they told me my history shows 50% of my bookings came with the IB filter turned on, which means I’m losing half of my potential bookings. I’m frustrated…

I cancelled an IB this past June and my bookings were normal for the rest of the summer. I think they just make things up to get you off the phone. About 80% of my bookings are IB and I averaged about 20 a month until Sept when a regular guest took most of my fall available dates.


Who knows what they do :roll_eyes: What they told me is that I was in a small trial group of 2.3% of all hosts to try out this program, but that is has now rolled out to everyone in November. We shall see.

who told you this? what program were you trying out? does IB work yet for you?

I just remembered, Airbnb wanted me to still pre-approved guests because I reactivates one of the listings recently that was paused.

The Airbnb case manager told me that… and the bad part is that Airbnb had put me in this pilot program without notifying me. Nothing I did on my own at all. And it still doesn’t work. They told me it’s reviewed weekly, and once I’ve had enough positive activity on my account, like calendar updates and accepting new requests, it would be automatically restored. :angry:

Thanks so much for alerting us to this. Mine is not working either for 2 of my listings in Maine. I contacted support and of course they pretend to know nothing about it but the usual response “we will look into it”.

I had the same issue yesterday, spoke with airbnb and it couldnt be resolved. I tried toggling instant book off and on for my listings, and now it see my listings again. I didn’t check whether my listings showed up before toggling it, so i dont know if this worked or not

I checked, I had the same issue.


All guests must send a reservation request", Then immediately click on "
Guests who meet all your requirements can book instantly. Others will need to send a reservation request". This worked perfectly for me! My listing immediately showed up as Instant Book. It didn’t prior to that.

Glad that solved it for you, but this is not a solution for all hosts. This was the first thing we tried when I called in a month ago to AirBnB. Unfortunately account is still not available for instant book.

Tried it, did not work for me… my listing still doesn’t show up in a search with IB filter on, although one person did somehow IB yesterday, not sure how that happened.