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Your instant book may be broken. please read!





To ask the obvious: have you made sure you haven’t required guests to have a positive reviews to use IB? If you’ve checked this box, you won’t show up in an IB search when you aren’t logged in.


I’m curious, why do you say that?



Yes, I did check, I have IB on with no other criteria. I even shut off the Government ID requirement, which I did have on all along. Thanks for asking, though, sometimes it the simple things :grinning:


Has anyone seen resolution to this? I call literally every other day, talk to a different case manager, nobody wants to escalate this further, and currently one property doesn’t have enough bookings to pay the mortgage this month. I don’t know where else to turn or who to talk to. It doesn’t seem like anyone cares at all at AirBnB!


Still no problem with IB here. I got two IBs just today.

I’m going to be brutally honest: they don’t care. There are other hosts near you who are getting the bookings instead and Airbnb is still getting their money.

You clearly need to start diversifying and listing on other sites. Take the time you’ve been spending calling Airbnb every other day and use it to list on other sites, promo your listing on facebook and instagram, set up your own website and so on.


Mine is still broken as well. After a lot of time with Airbnb, they again affirmed I’m in an experimental program that only 2.3% of hosts are in, and they can’t tell me the exact criteria that is needed to turn it back on.

It triggered when I called Airbnb asking them to cancel an IB I wasn’t comfortable with. They willingly cancelled the booking, but this is what I get. I requested they remove me from this experimental group. They said they can’t. They said a special team reviews it every 7 days, but again can’t tell me what I need to meet to have IB restored. I asked they pay me for the lost business. Again they refuse.

I told they I want a message spelling exactly what is needed to get back on IB. They won’t do that either. The problem is, in our area, Airbnb is the only really viable place to go through… they pay city tax and bed tax, pull our business licence, and are by far the most popular booking agent used here. Really frustrating :persevere:


This is so strange. With all the pressure they put on hosts to use IB and with the promise of being able to cancel without penalty, why would they do this?

You may not want to answer but I’m wondering if the booking you cancelled on was a guest in one of the Airbnb groups that fall under the non-discrimination policy? Were you uncomfortable with them because they had an infant, or were a gay or black couple? I wonder sometimes if Airbnb disappears listings and then lies to the host about it.


This single white man that IB had an anger issue, and rated his last two hosts with 1 star. The one host said the other guests there were uncomfortable around him because of his anger. In the other one, he had accidentally done major property damage, but didn’t say anything to the host. When they then rightfully confronted him with it, he said they were upset and unfit to be hosts. This was at a beautiful home with 5 star superhosts that had many wonderful comments.

Since we share space where we live, we were simply uncomfortable to host someone with that history. And ABB agreed with me. This was the only person I ever cancelled since we have been hosting.

ABB told me this experimental program was developed because too many hosts are cancelling guests. But I had them cancel this less than 24 hours after he booked, and a month before his actual stay. And is the only one I had ever cancelled. But that means nothing to them…


Infuriating but not surprising given some of Airbnb’s stupid policies. And it’s concerning since I’m also on IB and like the assurance that I can cancel guests with poor reviews.

I’m really sorry this is happening to you. So are you visible in search if someone searches without IB on?


Yes I am, and I’m getting some requests, which I am immediately accepting… but I was told by ABB that 50% of my previous bookings were from people with the IB filter turned on. So that’s why my requests are coming in slowly.

I did ask ABB to reimburse me $1000 to be in this program, but they haven’t paid. LOL!!


Thank goodness. Maybe you could try promoting your listing with some local businesses, discounts for returning guests, hand out business cards at the airport, LOL. I feel for you.


Bill, can you PM me the name or contact of whoever told you this? I would love to get ahold of them and see if I’m in the same boat. My newest case manager was just in touch with the product team and the product team told her that I don’t have my IB settings set up properly, which is totally incorrect because for 6 weeks they’ve been telling me there’s a bug in the system AND it’s a known bug AND I already know my IB settings are correct.


I am also experiencing this problem.

I think it all started when I cancel a booking about a month ago. Ever since, I only get reservation requests. Within the request it has a message that says, instant book is not available because I recently cancelled a booking. However my last cancellation is now over a month ago…

I contacted Airbnb support and they confirmed this is a technical glitch and they are working on it. One week later, the problem still persists. So I created another support ticket and asked what is the timeline, is there an update etc. Then a case manager gave me a call and said, this issue is affecting many users, technical team is working on it, but they can’t give any timeline at all…

İn the meantime my bookings are significantly down… I am very concerned how long this may take…


I turned my IB off, then on again a day ago. This afternoon I got my first booking in a month… coincidence? :woman_shrugging:


How often do you go onto your listing and do anything? Change the price, switch out a picture, add a rule, etc?


I haven’t mucked around with it for awhile, maybe two or three weeks…?


This is entirely anecdotal and some hosts here doubt this has anything to do with it but I believe that you need to log in and go to your listing regularly, every day if possible. Raise the price a dollar, lower it a dollar, turn IB on and off, put in a seasonal picture or two, change the listing wording, etc. I think that helps you in search ranking. More than one person here has commented on getting a booking the same day they were just on their listing. I believe Airbnb registers such activity as being an active host. Obviously there are just so many spots near the top of search and if everyone does this everyday then it becomes a non-factor.

All this to say I wouldn’t be surprised if making that change did lead to your new booking.


I thought this post was about instant book not working… I’m surprised that as an admin you keep answering to this irrelevant point rather than suggesting that he makes a separate post… Ive turned on notifications for this post not for this nonsense


What irrelevant point?

Welcome to the forum! I’m not sure why you are so angry. It seems that you feel this forum owes you something but it doesn’t. Is someone forcing you to read the posts here?

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