Your Favorite IKEA products for your airbnb

Hi guys, I’ve never been a fan of IKEA. There’s only one way in and one way out. Getting lost in the maze makes me hyperventilate. My daughter took me to Ikea last weekend. I found some beautiful black out drapes (felt high quality) and was very happy with the price. Loved the style of the window rods. Been looking for simple ones like these for a long time. Who would have thought IKEA.

Wondering if you have found some good deals that matched the quality you wanted at IKEA.

I have a 2 lamps that came from IKEA.

I did have some of their stainless steel kitchen utensils but I took them out right before I listed it on Airbnb because I have a set of stainless cookware and a set of non-stick cookware and didn’t want guests using the metal utensils in the non-stick pans.

I have found very few Items that I would consider quality at IKEA.

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Bedspreads $22 & pillow protectors $6 both vey easily washable!

Has anyone tried their shower curtain liners? I wash mine after every booking so I buy thicker ones when that are on sale at Bed Bath & Beyoncé … plus the coupon.

Coffee cups, terry bath mats with a diamond design, bed pillows, bedspread/blanket, fleece throw that I provide to each person who books with a pet, I’m sure there’s more. I don’t have IKEA near me so I always try to go there when I’m in a city with one. Some things are probably worth ordering online. Also, for me their alphabet cookies. :wink:


Oh I have a lamp too! $50 couldn’t beat it!

Totally agree. It’s why I never go there for much.

I did get the pillow protectors. Super cheap and thick quality. I also grabbed some of their down pillows just for extra pillows on beds. Still looking for the perfect shower curtain that can be thrown in the wash.

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Coffee mugs that they no longer make in our colors, :frowning: rugs…that might be it for us.

Alphabet cookies…hee hee. I will have to try them now. Ya…coffee cups and dishes seemed like a good deal. Do they break easily?

We’ve lost a couple of cups which is why I’m bummed they don’t make them in my colors anymore. Dishes have held up though I think.

Two kitchens (3 if I count our own). All the beds and mattresses, Ektorp and Karlstad sofas, most of the crockery and glasses, not saucepans because they don’t have handles, sheepskin rugs, duvets. Don’t like the sheets and towels. I add African pottery and art and cushions and rugs from Zara home. Guests are always very complimentary about our decor - IKEA has some excellent products and I think people are sometimes too snobbish about them!


The only thing I would buy from Ikea is their meatballs with jam. Everything else is crap.


I’d shop there if I could.

Also a bedside reading lamp with a spring clamp…I have one on one side of the bed, the other side has a $150 lamp for balance. :slight_smile:

I have this one as my back up and it’s still in the package so don’t know how good it is. Note I got the extra tall ones.


I really like their washcloths because they have little loops for hanging and have a different texture on each side, one like toweling and the other more like flannel. I decided to buy a variety of colors, so guests can tell whose is whose.

Love their dish towels, always so nice looking and I look forward to seeing new ones when I visit the store. (Lame I know.)

Their bamboo shades are nice, but are light filtering, definitely not blackout.

I got a bunch of little wastebaskets there, for the bedrooms. Very cheap at under $2. If something gross happens, like a guest vomiting, I won’t feel too bad chucking them.

Some of their glassware is nice and the price is right.

Cheap and attractive French presses.

Also, they have very nice glass food storage containers.


Why not install a glass panel instead of a shower curtain?

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  1. They are a nightmare to keep clean looking in my hard water town.
  2. More high maintenance in terms of metal frames, hinges, etc.
  3. Far more expensive.
  4. The stylish clear glass affords zero privacy, should a guest want some in the bathroom.

For the first year or two I had no shower curtain at all and had hundreds of guest with no complaints. But there is less water spraying out of the shower area onto nearby woodwork with the curtain. Also the warmth in winter and privacy issues.


The Hemnes furniture line is high quality enough that you can buy it second hand without concern (provided they have the proprietary tightening screws still with them).


Their kitchen cabinets.


I have an Ikea Australian sheepskin by the bed. It’s fantastic and needs brushing once in a while. I also have an Ikea bamboo dish soap container boxlike cover.

Metal Shelf:


Along with the live plant and ceramic pot.