WTF? New rules allowing kids

I read the new rules! They say kids are allowed.Sorry but I don’t want kids playing Tarzan swinging on my $250 shower wand! They say kids don’t count and u cant count infants?whose business is it anyway? On occasion I will allow a parent to bring a child who is over 10 this is only happened one time. I don’t appreciate Airbnb making regulations like this. I’m not set up for little kids and there’s all kinds of cactus at their front door it’s not safe. I also don’t have a crib and a diaper changing station and all that other stuff there simply isn’t room for it the room is very small. I’ve always just rejected little kids and infants the one time I did take an infant they left a shit stain on the bedspread. Another time when I took a baby that was like 18 months old he was in a walker and banged into the walls and I had to repaint those spots. I raised my kids I don’t want to deal with little kids anymore! I’m already stuck listening to the neighbors kids screaming in their swimming pool all day!


What I know:

Where’s your source for these new rules?

What new rules @diamond54?

Can you provide a link to these new rules on Airbnb?

I don’t accept infants or young children due to safety concerns and as far as I am aware there is nothing in Airbnb’s terms that says I can’t exclude infants and young children on safety grounds.

I cant find the link but I just read it an hour ago and it was from airbnb its new rules

Please share if you can find that link. Their help pages still say hosts can choose, where allowed by law.

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Did you read this on Airbnb @diamond54?

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Yes it was new rules like You can’t say no kids you have to accept kids And you can’t charge for them.

I don’t blame you. Turn off the IB and when you get inquiries from people with kids find a reason to decline so that they can’t report you to ABB. Say you need the house for personal reason, or you’ll come up with something not to offend them.

ABB want families to travel, i understand but not all houses are equipped to deal with children and infants.


These aren’t new rules; the policies have been the same for years. Here is one of the many threads from before you quit hosting. You must have simply forgotten over the last 9 months.


I think you have got confused @diamond54. There are no rules that say you can’t charge for children. You can charge for over 2’s but not for infants.

And you can absolutely say no children if there are safety issues that make it dangerous for them to be in your accommodation.
The information below is taken from Airbnb.

## Why does Airbnb allow hosts to discriminate on the basis of age or familial status?

Airbnb is committed to developing an inclusive and respectful community that is welcoming of all people, but some listings have features that may be of concern to families traveling with children or infants. Where the law allows, hosts can place some reasonable restrictions on use of their listing, but if any guest feels they have been discriminated against because of their age, we will immediately investigate and help the guest find a place to stay.

2 Likes I think this was it yes I think you can charge for kids but not infants . If I don’t want to rent to somebody I’m not going to .

I recently had an American lawyer IB with another adult and a six-month-old. It is dangerous here for youngsters, and I am clear about that in my house rules, @diamond54. The lawyer insisted, citing Airbnb infants-don’t-count policy and claiming I was discriminating against women and children. She was coming anyway, and looking forward to reviewing, and she assured me there was nothing I could do about it.
I phoned Airbnb. I have to admit that my hands were shaking. I guess I’m scared of American lawyers.
Airbnb cancelled on my behalf, penalty-free. I really think you have nothing to worry about.


Next time you just say, “Well, color your underpants important.”


Then don’t, if Air cancels your listing then that will show them.



Oh yeah! Very funny!

See the bottom of this page for what makes a rental considered “kid safe”

Thank God I have cactus everywhere🤣


I am updating my house rules right now. ‘Not safe for children. Swimming pool is not fenced and poisonous plants with thorns’
Will that do it?:smile:


I have rattlesnake signs, you might want to ad that one☺️


Well, I had to get a snake catcher out here to catch a 3m black mamba in one of my big trees. I could mention that in my listing, but that might deter all my guests, not just the children that I dont want :joy:

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