WTF?! Monthly rate request! ...and telling me someone else charges $250 but is full

This guy just sent us a request for Apr 3 - 6th, with the following message…

My name is A…(full name)…, I am a …(company)… pilot, and just got a new base witch is Lebanon. I am married, and will not move with my family to Lebanon, since I live in … (city)… MA and daughter goes to school and wife works at the same place for 16 years.
I would like to know if we could agree on a monthly basis rent for the room.
Also, when is time for me to change base, I can pass on you information and a new pilot could rent from you. This could be a long term leasing since it’s always pilots going there. There are 2 houses where the owners do rent rooms just for pilots in Lebanon, but they are full. I am not sure of my schedule yet, but seems to be 4on 4off, so will not be whole moth there.
The other houses they charge $250/month, but it is guaranteed money instead of renting on AIRB&B.
Let me know if you are interested on doing this.
I should be going there next week or 2.
Thank you for your time."
Today 6:30pm

My response:

We are not interested in doing a monthly rental, at this time.
Today at 7:33 PM

We wish you the best and good luck in finding what you are looking for.

If you are still interested in those 3 nights, let me know and I can do an offer? It could work, but we are not interested in the monthly rental thing, and will NOT be changing our minds.
Today at 8:00 PM

I bet they are full for $250 a month. That is insane.

There is a lot of really, crummy housing in Lebanon, NH. They will find a boarding house for that amount with a hot plate, and maybe a microwave.

You do not want full time tenants. You don’t want to have a pilot crash pad. You have made the correct choice, but you know that. If you wanted a monthly tenant, that is what you would have been doing!

[ASIDE: How is your Marathon training coming along? All ready for Heartbreak?]

I’m like really WTF … same as that last guy who we did allow to stay long term, at 600/month!!! I changed the maximum stay to 4 days, after he left.

Good. Doing a long run tomorrow then time to taper. I did 19, 1 day last week, ran around 2 mountains! Heartbreak hill is really nothing compared to the places I run! It’s like a baby sized incline!

Does declining an offer lower my commitment rate???


No. Your “commitment” rate, do we have such a metric, won’t be affected.

okay so the "your at risk - 93% " was totally from the 1 cancellation, back in january?!

The cancellation is totally different then a decline. Cancellation means you will not be a Superhost for at least a year following the cancellation. A decline just means they were not the right person for your house. AirBNB should only care if you decline all the time, and no one can prove that AirBNB changes your placement in that case either.

EDITED to appear to be written by an English-as-a -First-Language writer.

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Cancelling a booking is not the same as declining an inquiry.

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auto correct hell. Will fix when I get back to a computer.


This is why I turned off my instant book.

although we did just install proper lighting in the living room, so that’s like a reno, I guess.

Removing IB will reduce your ranking far more than a decline. I have kept it on, and so far, it has worked well for me.

Are you in Lebanon? If not I don’t understand the query…

Huh? Lebanon, NH… did you get that part?

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I only know one Lebanon and its in the Middle East. In which case 250 dollars may be representative of the long term rental market. Hence my request for clarification.

I assume Lebanon NH is in the US? What I don’t see is where the original post states it’s in Lebanon NH.

New Hampshire == NH is absolutely part of the United States.

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Being European, that’s contextual information I didn’t have on reading the initial post. So at least now I know that the original post is talking about a leading economy and that $250 is off the mark.


Sorry if I was not clear… Yes, in United States.

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Same here my first thought was the Middle East then the next thought was wow that’s cheap.