Wrong payout amount - failed to update

Some time ago maybe two or three months, I updated my pricing. I changed to 10% over base for the midseason, and for high season, July & August, 20% over base.
This increase was not updated by airbnb who continued charging the old price.
My efforts to get them to compensate me and contact the undercharged customers who are booked in have been stonewalled.
SO they are denying liability for their rotten software. I had previous issues with the app not updating also, resulting in potentially troublesome missed cleaner appointments. Also being put on to flexible pricing without my knowledge or consent.
Any ideas what to do next. Its a total of E424 I am at a loss for. I feel if I sue they could get spiteful and hide me down the search list.

Sorry about this and it does suck. But it’s also your responsibility to check these things. The first time this happened you should have double checked settings, contacted the guest yourself, etc.

If Airbnb or a host contacted me after booking and told me I’d been undercharged, I’d tell them to go stuff themselves.

The Airbnb terms and conditions don’t allow for you to sue them. You can submit it for arbitration. The problem is, what evidence do you have that you changed the prices and saved those settings? It’s your word against theirs.

Absolutely. In fact they can remove you from the platform at any time for any reason. It’s their tool and they don’t have to let anyone use it that they don’t want to. This is also in the TOS.

Read the terms and conditions.
Realize that Airbnb is a giant corporation that doesn’t care about any particular individual host.
List on multiple platforms so you aren’t a hostage to their whims.
Get over it and move on. Time is money and you are wasting your time on this.


Did you do your pricing through the app or on the website?
I have found that using the app, the changes often don’t stick.


I agree with KKC. We all know that Airbnb’s programs always have glitches. If you didn’t notice during the initial booking then it’s too late. You can’t change the price once guests have already booked. It would be unfair to them.


I’ve had the same issue. I always use my laptop when making changes.


That’s more or less what I feared/thought. Caveat vendor!


@KKC 100% of guests contacted agreed to pay me the shortfall. Not one told me get stuffed…

see my comment above

Because none of them were me. That’s cool though. A lid for every pot.

I got burned (my own fault) on a booking. Like @JohnMoriarty my seasonal pricing increase failed to stick. I don’t know why.

It was a 7 day booking so my wrong rate was further reduced by a weekly discount.

I corrected the remaining peak season dates and double checked them.

I left the 2021 “too cheap” booking pricing alone. He wants to book next year now for the same price. When I explained his 2021 price was too low in error & to book for 2022 would be 25% more, his response was along the lines of (as @kkc said) “stuff it”.

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I have never heard of a business where someone can buy something and then the business can charge more because they made a mistake. When I worked in retail we had to eat it if something was mismarked.

Oh well, John got some exceptionally understanding guests, good for him.

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Wonder why:
High demand / low supply area?
Priced too low in general?
Contact guest & ask for additional money just prior to their reservation start?

I’m struggling with:
you made the mistake,
You didn’t realize it when you received the booking request that clearly says how much you should make (not paying attention)
You not correcting your pricing
THEN holding guest who booked with you in good faith and Airbnb to task for your mistake.

You have to determine your personal ethics.

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Also possible the the OP isn’t truthful.


But I thought…

Somethin’ ain’t right.


That’s true.

But I think that what he means is that he was short and then he asked his guests to pay more and they all agreed.

I’m confused. So why this?

I’m Confused, past is past, OP not responding, I think I’ll stop here

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He wanted Airbnb to contact the guests and ask them to pay more. Airbnb wouldn’t so he contacted them himself and asked them to make right his error and they all, to my eternal disbelief, agreed.

I’m also done now.

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YEARS ago, business invoices carried the abbreviation “E&OE”
And that’s the sum of it.

What does this have to do with your issue? That was “years ago” according to you and this problem of yours seems to be recent. And Airbnb does not and never has covered errors and omissions hosts claim to have made.

Actually that probably explains it. People have set ideas about the way things should be or the way they did it back in the day, etc. And they get frustrated when Airbnb doesn’t do it the same way or the way they think they should.

Lots of hosts post about mistakes they made and expect Airbnb to fix them.