WOW! Airbnb just notified me I made Superhost! ? Except...I cancelled my listing 6 weeks ago?!

Unbelievable…Last spring, after a CONSTANT , uninterrupted designation of Superhost for over 5 years, they pulled my Superhost because of a cancellation I did (my only one ever) 6 months before. It was never reinstated despite all the horrible stuff I went through AFTER the ‘roll out’. Lost bookings due to their incredible stupidity, my listing was ‘hidden’ by their ‘new plan’ after ALWAYS being on the first page of my area’s ‘type’ (cabin, mountains, hiking, seclusion, etc), price changing without me doing so, and on and on. So without bookings, and exhaustion from dealing with them, I moved up my retirement 6 months. Cancelled my listing September 1…after my last booking (which came about before the ‘new deal’…)
Then just a few days ago I got an email congratulating me on achieving ALL ‘the goals’ needed to achieve Superhost status. 6 weeks after my last guest and 6 weeks after I cancelled my once super booked, popular listing…coincidence??? hmmmm…anyone thought I’d provide a chuckle midweek…

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Getting or losing it isn’t personal. It’s awarded and removed by a computer.

Congratulations. It’s great that Airbnb was able to help you make these decisions.


Gosh, really? And awarded when you haven’t had any bookings? And minimal for a month prior to my cancellation? Based on WHAT criteria? I sure didn’t meet their stated ones for this time period. Just goes to show how brilliant the computer is.
Anyway, it was posted not to rant but to have a light laugh about this stuff.
And no, I do not appreciate a misguided company ‘helping me’ make life changing decisions. And I am sure that others who have also struggled in the last few months don’t appreciate it either…That’s a bit of a snarky remark.

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The criteria is based on the previous 365 days stats prior to the assessment date, not the stats from only the 3 month assessment period. You could have no bookings in those three months and still qualify, as long as you had at least 10 bookings in the 9 months before that.

The cancellation you made that lost you Superhost status would have dropped off this assessment period because it happened more than 365 days ago.

I know it seems ludicrous to you that you were awarded Superhost status after you closed down your listing, but it isn’t based on what listings you have active, it is just a computer algorithm that records your stats. And a host might close down a listing for renos, or close down one listing and open a new one some time later. The criteria isn’t based on your listings, but on your performance as a host.

If you go back and look at your number of bookings, % of cancellations, response rate and star rating over the 365 days prior to the Oct.1 assessment, I’m sure you will find that the computer bot did not make a mistake.

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I removed my listing on April 7, 2020 and was awarded Superhost every quarter until April 2022. Obviously, the changes to the criteria were the reason for keeping it so long, but it made me chuckle every time I got that e-mail.

I’m guessing that the reason Airbnb gives Superhost status to hosts that meet the criteria but don’t have a listing is that the host might be planning to open up a new listing soon and Airbnb has no way of knowing. Immediately having Superhost status on a new listing could be a big boost for that listing.

I’m not being snarky at all. If you want to believe that Airbnb misses you and rewarded you with Superhost after you decided to de-list, it doesn’t seem you’re apt to be dissuaded. And retiring early is one of the best things I’ve ever done. In my case Airbnb helped me to that. And in your case Airbnb is also helping you do it. I was also trying to be light and congratulatory.


Nothing Airbnb does surprises me anymore. Enjoy retirement!

ok. well I sure missed the light and congratulatory. But thanks, I can sometime miss subtly, old age. I do not hardly believe Airbnb ‘misses’ me. AIrbnb helped me enjoy most of the last 5 years. It gave me a bit of discretionary income to enjoy for that time. I still do not appreciate what happened in May that hastened my retirement as I prefer to choose that timing on my own. But it doesn’t matter, and yes, I feel retiring early is the best for me at this point. Glad it’s working for you as well!

Sigh…me too. Was a really really tough May and June here. Glad it’s over.

Yes, but according to another comment, you wouldn’t have had ANY activity in the prior 365 days leading up to 2022…so it can also be a glitch. I wish everyone a wonderful rental experience, and hope Aibnb gets it right pretty soon. There really wasn’t any platform any better by far for a long long time.

No, not a glitch- what happened is that Airbnb removed the criteria for number of stays for about a year and a half, or two years, knowing that many hosts couldn’t host during Covid restrictions. So those of us who already had Superhost status but closed to bookings due to Covid (or whatever, they didn’t ask why we were closed) retained that status. Awhile back they lifted that, so some of us lost Superhost at that point because we didn’t have at least 10 bookings in the previous 365 days.