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Would you swap homes with other hosts in your own city for FREE?

Hi all! Wondering what you all think of this interesting idea. Free house swaps for verified Airbnb Hosts so you can really get to know new neighborhoods in your own city for the weekend. Looks like they are testing it out in Los Angeles and NYC.


nah I don’t think I’d ever go down this route - It means putting all your stuff away that mean something to me but could appear as annoying tik nacky stuff to others

Home swapping for Airbnb hosts? Wasn’t there a similar website for that a while back?

I don’t think I would be happy with such an arrangement.

Hi Superstar. Just curious, why not?

I think it would be fun to have a free holiday where you didn’t have to travel very far.

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Nah! This town isn’t THAT big. I want to go somewhere else.

Same for me. I would not like to travel in my own city

It might be interesting to have a system of banked weeks like RCI or similar timeshare swaps, but not just to stay somewhere else in town.

nah. i like my house… i like my cat. i dont really need to stay anywhere else in town… but i might do a trade for another location.


I’m down with the sharing economy and I do a lot of networking with local hosts, but the last thing I want is local hosts checking out all the extra details that I prepare and taking them for their own. I’m talking about stuff like my house manual, guides, maps, my new york faves list, etc.



Body must be more descriptive. Ha. NO.


Not in our own town but we would absolutely trade for a stay in another city!


solid point but couldn’t you just not share that stuff?

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I would never do this.

As others say, I think it’s a really good idea for other destinations (anyone in Cape Town want to come to Malaga??) but not in my own quite small city.

I do think someone should start something like this up (I think My Twin Place did for a while, but not sure if it still does) and I don’t see why it would need to be restricted to the host’s own city. It would work best with a whole apartment (e.g. what we call a Granny Flat I think as you then don’t actually have to move out of your place.

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Of course she could hide “that stuff” but why? It’s not exactly brain surgery getting on Yelp or Google to look for local fun spots. And what other hosting magic could another host lift to use in his or her home that would somehow jeopardize someone’s standing as a host or take business away? I don’t mind sharing my tricks of the trade, which are pretty simple, common sense things.

I agree! I’d love to spend a weekend in a loft in downtown L.A. Even though it’s not that far from where I live it’s a world away. DTLA can be great fun.

True. You also don’t see any of those things until after you book so you’re not really helping others to steal business from you.

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I live in more of a rural area. So yes, it would be kind of fun to do if it was in the next town over (30 minutes away). I have never even checked out some restaurants, parks, and many other places that are that close. Or maybe I did 15 years ago, but things have changed. So it would be kind of fun to do the touristy thing for a couple days, and then I could take that info to improve my own recommendations.

But if I felt like I was in the same city, same surroundings I am already used to…then no.

And I would only want to exchange very last minute during the off season.

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