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Would you reply to this review?

Here it is–the whole review–in its entirety:

Was unhappy that there was open containers of milk and soda in the refrigerator

I leave milk in the fridge in case guests would like to use it in their coffee that I provide. As for the soda, I leave that as well (noted in the house manual as well that it’s for guest consumption). It’s in cans and there was a can missing from the six-pack.

First-timer guest.

Unless you normally reply to all reviews I’d just ignore it. She clearly has some sort of OCD problem. If any potential guest has concerns you can address them when they ask.


I agree. Also, if you respond, it draws attention to the review. If you don’t respond it shows the first few sentences, and then the rest is hidden.


IGNORE! It was ungrammatical too :slight_smile:


No I would not it speaks for itself like some Yelp reviews that complain about something that would never bother me. I go to the restaurant anyway and I would pay no attention as a potential guest to a silly comment like that. Just fugeddaboutit!


I’m just annoyed. Left me crappy star ratings, too. Ugh.


What do you mean by open? Like with no lids on?

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Oh, Natalie…no lids!?..the horror of it all! (ha!)

(Not to worry ~ she will come across as a kook.)


Agreed. As someone who searches listings frequently, I wouldn’t give that review a moments thought.

Let it pass. Sorry it happened, though!


Oh, there were lids! I do my own cleaning!

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I’ll let it go. But I’ll put them in the bad guest lounge. :blush:


Please do post the OCD milk top clowns.


I had few guests in a separate house too who did not like condiments that i bought for the house and threw them away. That made me mad. One even said that fridge was “dirty”, which he meant there were things in there. But that was the indian guy who trashed the house.
I buy ketchup, mustard, mayo, and people also leave their sauces, some are very expensive in a fridge. I dont see how it can be anything but good. You dont have to buy these things for a 3 days stays.
Some guests are just too weird.
I would just ignore her.

OMG, that is insane, so there was a partial used bottle of fizzy and milk, with lids on… WTF is wrong with this person? There’s nothing wrong with that at all… haha


And you don’t have to use it either! Do they think restaurants buy fresh condiments for each diner??

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Exactly! People, people… They are bothered by all kind of little things. One was upset because pots and pans were left on top of the stove. They were clean but not put away. I asked her “So?, is it bad?”.

Hosts who actually have people actually inside their homes deal with so much more than those of us with separate places. Never thought about it until reading some of these stories.

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I haven’t seen my current guest in 2 days when he checked in. Lol I hardly ever see any of them.

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I think I would have to reply just so that any future guests didn’t get the impression that the fridge was left unclean.

“The five cans of soda and the milk for coffee was a gift from me. I am sorry this upset you, as most of my guests appreciate the gesture. The containers were not opened.”


I really hope I never get any guests that get upset because there are leftover condiments.

I notice when there are some leftover items then the next guest is likely to leave their items behind too. But when fridge is empty then everyone throws away perfectly good items.

I just recently added to my departure checklist: “You can leave leftover condiments/goods if you think the next guest may find it useful” - Interesting the next guest left several unopened bags of lettuce/spinach, ice cream, 15 eggs, a cut up cantaloupe in sandwich bags, an open box of cookies, and an unopened container of individual Honey Nut Cheerios.:slight_smile:

I will leave the cereal since it is closed container - I think most people in general do like knowing that someone will eat their leftovers versus just throwing away in the trash - it’s too bad some people consider it filthy.

But then again, those same people probably use the nasty ketchup bottle that ten snot nosed kids touched before them…it’s amazing what grosses some people out…lol.

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