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Would you reply to this review?

Not one got upset, several. With first i thought o, he is crazy, but then i had more complains. WHen i travel i always like to find things left behind and i use it, condiments for sure. According to them i have to throw away salt, and sugar away too?

One thing I really don’t understand: everyone, but EVERYONE who stays in our apartment buys a new bottle of olive oil. Now, I know that Spanish OO is lovely, but there is an oil & vinegar set on the worktop (full!) and at least 4 part-used bottles in the food cupboard left behind by guests. I wonder if people think it’s a rite of passage - come to Spain, see flamenco show, buy bottle of olive oil? I’m thinking of putting it in my House Rules: “Please do not buy yet another bottle of lovely Extra Virgin Olive Oil … we cannot use it up at the rate you are buying it.”

@Natalie, I think I agree with Cabinhost and would reply in the way he suggested. It sounds factual, not defensive. I will generally leave condiments (ketchup, dijon mustard, mayonnaise) in the fridge … and the bloody Olive Oil of course. Anything else is free pickings for my cleaning lady. I’d much rather she had them than they get thrown away and I think guests would too.

Incidentally, since starting hosting I’ve never had to buy myself shampoo or conditioner!


Guests leaving quality olive oil is a problem I’d love to have. It’s my main cooking oil and I go through about a litre every two weeks. My problem is that guests leave bottles of Balsamic vinegar. I don’t use the inexpensive kind with caramel added and none of my guests so far have sprung for the aged ones then left them behind. Whenever my friends come over, I offer them a slightly used bottle of Balsamic vinegar.


The Olive Oil dilemma is hilarious. Oh yes…I loved how cheap it was for cheese, wine, and olive oil when I was in Spain for a few months. If my guests leave the good Olive Oil…I take it for myself! Yes, I am a scrounge, and yes I am the housekeeper too…so housekeepers are entitled to first dibs always.

There is a good bottle over there now from other guests…only because I was too cranky to pack it up.

Minor interjection. Cabinhost is a she. I wasn’t sure if I should interject, seeing as she said nothing. But what the hell…


For no logical reason, we always wipe the refrigerator totally clean between guests, perhaps because they do a major shopping spree before getting to the island. Items we end up with bundles of (aka olive oil) are: charcoal, paper towels, coconut oil, toilet paper, chocolate and vegetables. Funny they never leave the lobsters.


She’s a Cabinhostess. With the mostess! :smile:


Haha Faheem…you noticed I didn’t mention anything. I actually take being called a “he” a compliment because I don’t upload pics. I have always been disappointed when I assumed I was conversing with a “she” and find out months later it was a “he.” - I’d rather be mistaken for a male than the other way around…

Like I say with my gay male friends…when they become a “bigger bitch than me” - ughh…time to move on…

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That would be funny if it wasn’t so serious for you. It’s ridiculous feedback to leave given that NOTHING else was said. Often it’s better to ignore stuff like that as it speaks for itself.

Actually, I am never ever going to use up the food guests leave in my fridge. In fact, only last week, guests had left a lot of food in my fridge when they checked out. However, they had gone sightseeing in town, and their car was still standing in front of my house. So what I did was this: I removed all their food, put it into a plastic bag and put it onto the bonnet of their car, for them to do whatever they liked when they came back. Then I went out myself. I never heard back from them.

I know there are poor people out there, who have to rely on left-over food donated to them by others. However, I am an Airbnb host. I am not a poor person who relies on donated food in order to survive.

My apologies, Cabinhost! Unconscious sexism on my part! And I should know better, because with my name, Ged, people nearly always assume I’m a man … hence MalagachicA to show (at least to Spanish speakers) that I’m female (though sadly not a chica any longer …)

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No apologies. I was not offended! :slight_smile:

Well, Ged is the titular hero of Le Guin’s novel A Wizard of Earthsea and sequels. So, yes, I for one would have made that assumption.

From what real Earth culture does that name originate?

Do you think anyone here is depending on it to survive or are you just trying to insult people? I am someone who was taught not to waste things.


Same here. I really hate throwing away food. And I certainly don’t want to insult anyone.

On the other hand, if I was to eat everything Airbnb guests leave behind, I wouldn’t be choosing my own food any longer. And this is something I don’t think I want to do.

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Thankfully, we have dogs to deal with this. I just gave the dogs some frozen cod that some guests left behind. The dogs were very happy and I was happy to clear out the freezer. The dogs’ favorite guests are the ones who leave meat behind.


Same. My dogs have been benefactors of some of the finest of foods left by guests…

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