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Would you book to this person?

I hesitated over whether to book this for some time. All he said was, Hi! I’m coming to your area and your room looks great! with a request to book.

This profile had a photo of a young, flippant but not drugged, caucasian male.

Email Address
Phone Number
(▒▒▒) ▒▒▒- ▒▒ 34
400 Friends
Offline ID
About Me
Phillips VHS Repair School, Breaker, Fuckoff, Small Yurt In Yucatan Peninsula Where I Learned Truly How To Love Again

I ended up booking it, sinceit would APPEAR he has a sense of humor…right? right? But is this the good guest kind of humor or the bad guest kind of humor?

I don’t understand what the below quote means. Does it mean he attended a phillips VHS Repair School" - and what about the rest?

“Phillips VHS Repair School, Breaker, Fuckoff, Small Yurt In Yucatan Peninsula Where I Learned Truly How To Love Again”

i think he only has a big mouth.
if you still worried, bring a friend when you let him into the apartment.

That list is what he lists under School. Those are jokes. I just can’t tell if it is the joke of a psycho or not.

I don’t know what new travelers realize when they first sign up. Do they understand that the potential host is judging them? I had one guy sitting on the back of the trunk of a car as his profile pic. Ball cap was turned around. He told me he is surprising his girlfriend for her birthday. They want one night and he will be on leave from the military. Oh, and everyone in the group will be 21-22 years of age.



I have seen a person I know personally list on Linkedin that their education was “school of hard knocks” - this was so perfect as I worked for this person as a teenager and he was in his early twenties. He never went to college and has gone through bankruptcy and back. He is extremely successful today. But he would never say he went to the school of you know what.

I personally wouldn’t have taken this guy, but that’s just me.

I’d say better to be cautious than to be sorry so I agree with @konacoconutz

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It certainly shows immaturity. And Immaturity and AirBnB guests do not a good mix make.
let us know how he is. You just never do know. He could be perfectly fine. Using the word F-off anywhere in a profile makes me feel like he’s one day out of 10th grade.

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Yes, I will let you know.


Ugh. No. Ill mannered at best, ignorant - immature. And the ‘F’ word is solitary, as if he’s learned to say that, as in, “I don’t care what you want who you are, F-Off”.

Let us know how it goes!!

I would never book a guest who spoke that way. I hope all turns out okay…

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I started to get nervous (after reading morning news about various shootings going on in Maine, conviction of movie theater killer, etc) and contacted AirBnB Support and asked if they could find his facebook page but they just cited privacy and refused to say whethr they could see it or not. The guy is verified as having 400 facebook friends and his passport in his profile photo but i could not find it in an online search …AirBNB said I should message him to get to know him better…how do i tactfully message a guest to see if he is safe or not? I asked him if he read all the house rules and he never answered the question, but he did say he’d be arriving without luggage and doesn’t know what time yet.

Maybe you could ask him about the purpose of his travel but kind of disguise it as wanting to help him with information. So you could ask, if you can provide information about local sights or what kind of things he wants to do while he’s there to help him out.

Although I have to say, I was kind of dreading a guest based on his communications. In his picture he looked very grumpy, he had no description on his profile and his messages were not very friendly. I immediately started thinking the worst. But he showed up tonight and he is downstairs talking to my husband for a long time and being very friendly and open. Maybe that makes you feel a bit better, I hope :slight_smile:

How long is he staying? Did you ask him if he would have luggage, or did he just out of the blue let you know this? I wouldn’t feel comfortable with the fact that he has not acknowledged that he has read your house rules. I would address it again. You could always say " Hi, Guest, I am just following up from my previous question. I hadn’t received your reply if you read the house rules that are posted on my Airbnb listing. Please let me know if you have read them and if you have any concerns. Thanks.

He is staying 3 nights. He has not replied to any of my questions. Here’s full message history so far:

Hi Josh,

I am just following up as your reservation nears. Have you read the entire listing and house rules and my profile? See check-in/check-out times, too. Please let me know if you have read them and if you have any concerns. Thanks!
Thanks. Well, let me know when you do know.
Jul 11
I’m not 100% sure when I’ll be checking in but i will not have a car
Jul 11 via the Airbnb Android App
hi! sorry my response didnt go through
Jul 11 via the Airbnb Android App
Josh! Josh! Are you there?
Jul 11
Thanks for booking here! Let me know what time you’ll check in when you know yourself and if you’ll have a car.
Jul 09
If not, please note this is a room in my private home, not a hotel. The room is basically a basement bedroom with an airbed on the floor. The bathroom is shared. Guests are expected to go out for lunch and dinner but you can help yourself to breakfast food. I have a lot of house rules listed, can you tell me if you’ve read them all and are ok with it?

Jul 09
Hi Josh,
Have you read the entire listing? I don’t see any previous reviews, have you ever stayed in an AirBnB before?
Jul 09
Inquiry about N Beacon Hill Pit Stop A/C & Pkng
Aug 6 - 9, 2015 · 1 guest
You will earn $175
Hi Carol! I’m coming down for the weekend to visit some friends in the area and your room looks great!

OMG! Please keep us posted…and…when in doubt, don’t!

Any response yet? I like your style Carol. You are very upfront with the guests. You gave me a good laugh today with “Josh! Josh! Are you there?” - lol. We all need to let our guests know who is boss.

No response yet. Another week before he stays here.

that would make me nervous too carol. i have in BIG BOLD LETTERING in my intro to read the entire profile before inquiring. i have a bee hive on my property and 3 large dogs so i don’t want any surprises for anyone. i wonder if he’s traveling? i had spotty cell phone access in europe last month. didn’t get service a good bit of the time.

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