Would a house where a celebrity once lived be a draw for guests?

I can explain more if anyone is interested.

I think that really depends on the celebrity. If they had a cult following, maybe.

Personally I wouldn’t care one way or the other, even if I was a big fan of the person. But I’m sure these kind of super fans exist!


depends on celebrity, who was it? an A-lister??

I would love to sit on a toilet that a celebrity sat on. Just kidding!!! It wouldn’t be a draw for me at all, unless the celebrity was actually there at the same time I was.

If there were famous pictures of them taken there, and it was a particularly well-loved celebrity, then maybe.


As others have said depends on the celebrity. Is there memorabilia there?

Do they have a massive fan base? How would you target them through Airbnb?

Is it Bob Carolgees and Spit the dog?

It would depend on both who the celebrity was and what, if anything, may have happened whilst they lived there. We used to live in a village close to London where a well known celeb, notorious for racy parties, had a death in his swimming pool. Murder was never proven but the post mortem findings certainly pointed at something dreadful having happened to him. Conspiracy/cover up theories have abounded for years; career over, self imposed exile abroad and many years before the house sold for a song.

Lovely house though. Savvy friends eventually bought it, and the pool was filled in.


And if you’re looking, the house where Charles Dickens wrote David Copperfield, and planned Bleak House, is for sale.


And guess what? It’s called Bleak House, although used to be Fort House. The celeb/literary connection doesn’t seem to have helped; it’s been on the market since Oct '16 and just been reduced to £2.5 million. On the plus side, it’s already a small hotel.


I love Broadstairs - and the views from that house… £2.5m seems a steal when you compare that lovely property to what you would get in London for that amount.

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other end of the scale…86 bedrooms for £2m

What’s the airbnb nightly value of that!

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But who is the celeb?

Maybe @JaguarJohnny himself :blush: :smile:

Is it this celebrity? If so, then no!

Is it Jagger???!!! :rofl:

I don’t think the celebrity connection would be THE draw for making a booking but it would encourage me to look.

For example I would be inclined to check out the pics of a property titled:
-Dwayne Johnson’s childhood home (for some reason, I’ve been enamored with him since his WWE days)
-Rent Oprah’s college apartment
-Cher’s first apartment

People looking at the pics may help get more bookings. However I wouldn’t pay a premium for the rental.

I don’t know about a house but we once had Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s 4-poster bed in our home for several years. It was owned by a friend (well-to-do dentist) who needed a place to store it safely. It wasn’t a canopy-type but the posts were about chest high and ornately carved. (ugh!)

One day I noticed a big wad of gum stuck to the top of one of the posts, obviously from one of our guests.

I guess not everyone is impressed with celebrities.


I don’t think it would be a draw… but I do think it would make an interesting décor scheme – photos, memorabilia perhaps, favorite colors, even…

On the market in our complex is an infamous mobster’s former home with original furnishings from the 70’s-80’s. Pretty cool, actually. It features bullet-proof windows and doors, and one of the windows bears the mark of a bullet from an assassin’s attempt.

That could be an interesting décor theme.


What size bed was it? My guess is it was not a king sized bed.