Wishlist / Bookmarks Disappeared

So, mostly just for fun I often peek my listing wishlist/bookmark count. I use it as an indicator of how busy my area is at any given time and how many people may be considering my property. However, it seems to have disappeared from my listing, and everyone else’s.

I first noticed the disappearance a few weeks back & thought AirBnb was just screwing with things again. But weeks later it’s still not there.

I was approaching 2,000 bookmarks before it went away. Boo, I wanted to see it turn. Kind of like watching your car’s odometer turn 100,000… (which I always seem to miss)

Any ideas? Does anyone else use this as an indicator? Is this data still accessible but buried somewhere now that I haven’t seen?

posted 10 days ago… here is the discussion:

Oh cool, thanks for that. I did a search before creating a new thread but didn’t see that one.

I suspect there was no correlation between the number of people booking a place and the number of people wishlisting a place. By the very name, “wishlist” is something perhaps a bit out of reach.

One of my neighboring properties had a lot of wishlists, but almost no bookings, as the price was very high,