Air removed ability to view favorites on listing?

As a host I have been tracking how many people have been saving my listing in their “wish list” (favorites). It seems recently Air removed this ability to view this information on the listing now. I thought it was one of the many Air glitches but it seems like the change has been for about a month now.

Did you guys notice this?

Yes, are you referring to how many people saved this listing? Is that the same as favorites? It used to show up under the request to book area. :disappointed:
I don’t see it anymore.

That is correct. I can’t see the number of people saved my listing as I do competitive research daily to see how my listing is placed compared to my competitor (I am always #2 in my area and I can’t understand why I lag in the metric on “the number of people saved the listing”)

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Yes, I’ve not seen it for a while either. It’s annoying, because I used to use changes to the wishlist count as a marker of how many people were seeing my listing. In my experience, it’s a much more reliable indication of activity than the Views count.

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To be honest as marketing tool comparing how many people favourited your place compared to your neighbour won’t actually tell you anything, so I wouldn’t worry.

However this is one of the biggest factors that drives listing ranking which now the information is going to be unknown to the host! :frowning:

What makes you think this?

According to Airbnb these are the factors that count in the algorithm for ranking


Why do you think that @donduck? Airbnb doesn’t say this and it wouldn’t make sense for this to be the case from an SEO/marketing prospective.

This article composed by our lord and masters agrees with @donduck wishlist boosts your ranking

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Thanks for that link. It does say “little” boost not “one of the biggest factors.” We have had threads where posters urged us to wishlist one another’s listings and I have a whole category of forum members that I wishlisted.

I think if it’s not visible right now it’s possibly a temporary glitch. It’s not something I ever had any use for on my own listing.

Actually Airbnb certainly doesn’t say the wishlist function is ‘one of biggest factors that drives listing ranking’.

Even if it was in marketing terms (my day job), comparing how many people save your listing in comparison to your competitor doesn’t give you an useful marketing information.

There are much better things to focus on when marketing your listing.

I wonder if giving reviews gives you a little boost in the rankings? If they have 100s of factors as this FAQ states then that could easily be one. That’s just as important as wishlisting as far as I’m concerned. I would love that.

I have always suspected that listings that receive a large percentage of reviews from guests get a “boost.” Writing reviews might well be in that category as well.

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Writing reviews boosts guest reviews. I almost always write my review before the guest does and then they are prompted by air to see what I wrote and that’s hard to resist. Only seasoned airbnber’s are going to know they get to see it eventually anyway. Under review rate for superhost it says my review rate is 100% over the last year. It definitely was not 100% under the old system where the reviews posted immediately.

It’s so frustrating when people complain about a subpar guest and then say they aren’t going to review.

Personally, it was very meaningful for me to compare my Wish List numbers to others in my town. If it is gone I will be super annoyed.

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I tweeted Airbnb about it. Let’s see what their social media / PR team says.


So glad you did that! I like to see how many save my listing. Thanks!

The whole tweet is only confirmation that the Airbnb Help entity on twitter is total bullshit. It is not part of the Customer Support Team; it is PR. You know what their response was? Our site regularly changes to make it more user friendly. At this time, this isn’t a feature we currently have, but feel free to share more about this idea with our team here … blah blah blah.