Wish we could all see each other's listings

I used to be part of another Airbnb forum and loved that I could click on the person posting and go see their listing. A lot of times it was helpful to help answer their question. Am I missing it somehow here?

Most of us don’t like to show our listings because we want to protect ourselves. This is an open forum and we’d hate for:

  1. AirBnB give us issues because we need to vent or simply be honest in our struggles
  2. have just anyone see our listing without vetting them

If you really want to see someone’s listing, you’re always welcome to PM them. I am in several threads with people I converse with regularly where we help each other with our listings. We just want to be able to protect our business!


Many people here have privacy concerns. I guess they’ve had stalker issues and what not. Some people have a link to their listing with their name but most don’t. There is a “show off your airbnb listing” thread but trying to keep those straight in memory is difficult.

Here’s mine.


I will never display my listing or name here. Did in the past and was sorry. I’ll share it only with members I trust.


Interesting. I’m not sure what the privacy concerns are but I understand not wanting Airbnb to be able to narrow us down if we needed to ask about a sticky situation or something. It’s too bad as I love looking at other people’s listings when they tell about an experience with a guest complaining or something.

All it takes is one kooky member here threatening or stalking you and you’ll understand why.


I totally agree, public forums are a bad place for private info, but I’d give you my info Kona!


I don’t mind…


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@ummelmommy this group is fully indexed by Google and others need not be a member to read all posts, except private messages. I wish it were different, actually.

But here is my listing. https://airbnb.com/rooms/816925


Ah, now I understand. Beautiful place btw!

Hi Sarah, I see you that you use PM. I can’t see a portal for that? Could you tell me how to access this feature? I want to tell another Host which rental agency we use, as ours charges far less money for what looks like superior service. He can’t firgure it out either.

Thanks, Sarah!


Are you on the desktop or mobile site?

Click on someone’s profile name. On desktop the message button is on the right. On mobile it’s underneath; here’s a screen shot on mobile

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@konacoconutz wow, I had no idea things get so ugly in this forum…

Kona was a very valued member and sadly no longer posts


Dear Sarah, thanks so much. Below is a screen print of what happens when I click on your name. What comes up is nothing like your screen print. No blue icons. Just reply and tracking. I am on a laptop. Thank you so much for how it works, but I’m stumped. Any further thoughts?

I think that’s a privilege you don’t have yet, sorry. It’s a default setting of the software used for the forum. Once you have been here awhile and actively participated then you will be able to send messages. I wrote about this on another thread on a similar topic.

Interesting. That sure clears up any confusion. May I ask for your advice? I have been talking to Kraig, he was about to hire a company to represent his property and they charge 20%. We have had amazing service with a company for only 10%. They have phenomenal liability and damage insurance, use professional photographers, do their own screening for prospective renters and there aren’t enough good things we can say about this company. Kraig, of course, wants to know who they are. I thought this information would be better delivered in a PM. Now that you have filled me in on how it works, do you have any thoughts on how I might get this information to him. Neither one of us wanted to put our personal email addresses into the forum. Thanks for all your help. Eliabeth

@lizmillercht I have sent you a private message.

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Here’s mine

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Hi Mike
Why when I selected the link you provided Airbnb site came up but said status code 403
Service connection not permitted?

I’ve seen that before when someone wanted to share there Airbnb listing on some site and it was stopped.

I agree though with being clandestine about private info especially involving business.

Still I wanted to view.