Wine glasses help with selection


I tried to search the item but nothing came up.

I am still working on stocking my soon to be rental which will open in May…

May I ask where you get your wine glasses from?

Do you use expensive ones, or do you get ones from the dollar store, or do you get Tritan unbreakable ones?

Thank you so much for your help!


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I got my Libby glasses for upstairs at Fred Meyer (Kroger). That’s because they tend to stand up better to guests than more fragile glasses. Avoid the large balloon glasses, which break easily.

So I purchased 8 of everything, for a place that has a max of 6 guests, partly because the glasses came in 4 packs.

Stemmed wine glasses
Pint beer glasses (we have 4 local breweries that sell souvenir glasses, but folks kept trying to buy my local logo glasses)
Juice glasses (6 oz)

You may want something more high end if your place is more upscale, but you want durability over beauty. OTOH, I have found beautiful Mexican crystal at throwaway prices at garage sales and thrift stores.


When I offered real glassware I bought them at the dollar store. My kitchenette doesn’t have a sink so I used to offer real dishwater with a busing box to bring down each morning but guests didn’t often bring down the dirty dishes and I would end up with fifty encrusted dishes when they checked out.

I pains me to write this but I now only offer disposable dishwear, utentils. and cups. I personally can’t stand to drink wine out of a plastic basic. cup so I off the fancy disposable wine glasses. I guess most guests don’t care because they are very rarely used.

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I get my wine glasses at the dollar so if they break them, it’s not a big deal. Lately we have been getting lots of couples from NYC that are not used to loading a dishwasher since apartments in NYC normally don’t have dishwashers.

So far, each couple has broken one or two of the stem wine glasses. The obvious solution would be to buy stemless wine glasses but I don’t like them.

I would suggest to buy them at the dollar store and buy in bulk. My listing accommodates 6 but I purchase 12 glasses. I’m down to 5 so I need to buy more.


I have a mixture of wine glasses

  1. A set of 4 plastic stemless, cute flamingo print, super cheap from a discount seller. I like the idea of plastic for pool & dock.

  2. A set of 4 all-purpose Libby same as mentioned above.

  3. Random freebies from local wineries when I was “forced” :sunglasses: to do a tasting. Those disappear periodically—I don’t know if broken or taken as souvenirs. Thus I am forced to replenish by doing more tastings.

  4. Last summer, while my guests were tending to carry-in or cook-in, I had private feedback that I needed red wine glasses so they could enjoy their wine properly with their meal. Max. 2 guests so I bought 2 at $1 Tree.

About the local wineries-surprisingly there several in my area. My FAVORITE is Grapeful Sisters. 3 sisters trying to keep the family farm going. They are imaginative & resourceful.

I had to check out any place that advertises Wine Tastings & RV park on the same sign. :laughing:


Don’t use expensive anything in a rental, unless you have some super high end luxury place. Not only do things get wrecked or broken, guests generally have no idea, nor care, how much you paid for something.

They don’t know if you picked up that one-of-a-kind end table by the side of the road on garbage day and refurbished it yourself, or whether you paid a small fortune for it in some trendy boutique.

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This was the biggest surprise I had as a new host. I was naive.

My neighbor/competition/friend and I were looking at her EXPENSIVE dresser. The top surface edges were chipped just like the edges of my 2nd hand dresser. Hmmm. It hit me.

She provides 1 luggage rack.

Although I have 2 luggage racks & a luggage bench (like a hotel) for larger suitcases, guests were plopping their suitcases on the dresser. When they dragged the suitcase off it chipped the edges.

Her furniture is obviously expensive. The guests do not care.

Btw: in October I painted the tops of my bedroom furniture so they would match & because of chipped edges & water-stains. I have what seems like a bazillion drink coasters scattered around the condo but apparently they go unused.


I always surprises me how careless so many people are. Not only do they damage things, they often don’t even notice that they have.

I had some dear friends visit and as an early riser, the man always made the coffee in the morning. One day while they were here, I was watering the garden around my terrace, and saw something all dripped down the terrace wall and all over the plants.

I asked if they knew what it was, and it turned out he had been tossing the old coffee out of the French press into the garden every morning, which is fine, but was oblivious that he had been pouring it down the wall.

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My husband who has spent his whole life dealing with glassware for wine and cocktails concurs on the Libby all purpose (and he can really geek out on glassware so I asked him) assuming your listing is not in a vineyard/winery area or don’t have a luxury or expensive listing. Apparently, it’s what we have in our listings for wine glasses. I was unaware since I left the glassware up to him.

For reference, if you had a listing near a vineyard/winery area or had a luxury or pricey listing, you’d want to have at least two different shapes of wine glasses, at minimum a bordeaux style and a chardonnay style. He says that Libby is for durability and the best choice for most Airbnbs and the particular shape that @NordlingHouse posted is a good all purpose shape for a variety of wines. However, if a host wanted a well-priced upgrade to go for Schott Zwiesel and if you wanted to splurge for crystal to go for Riedel (though terribly expensive and impractical for a STR).

As someone who enjoys wine but is not precious about it, I will say that I would sooner drink wine directly from the bottle before I’d drink it from plastic. It really ruins the taste. For me, a glass of any type works just fine, mason jars work perfectly well. Obviously a pool setting requires something unbreakable in which case I’d prefer stainless steel or those red cheap plastic party cups, I know it’s bad that they’re disposable but they don’t taste as plastic-y as reusable plastic cups.

TL;DR: Those Libby all purpose glasses.

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:+1: :+1: :+1: :clinking_glasses:


I nipped to the Target website because they had a less expensive line of Riedel. Apparently it isn’t available any longer.

But look what they do have!!!

$120 for 12 Amazon has:
Riedel Ouverture Wine Glass, 12 Count (Pack of 1), Red & White & Champagne

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Camping listing here, so take this for what it’s worth, but I supply stainless steel wine glasses. They are always used. No one has complained.
It takes a few minutes every turnover to polish them, but at least they don’t get broken.
The wine from them still gets spilled, however. I sometimes wonder whether wine sippy cups are a thing…


Yes it is. There are those same stainless cups that look like stemless wine glasses but with sippy lids. They are awesome for pools, camping, etc.

They also have them where they are painted or coated on the outside so that they don’t require the polishing but are still stainless inside.

I’ll find a link for some for you!

edit to add: Here’s a good variety of them:

I’m not saying I wouldn’t use the ones with the straws (wine from a straw is still wine, lol) but I wouldn’t want to have to use a little brush to clean the insides of those straws in between guests so would go sippy instead of straw.

You can see that there’d be a lot less polishing with this style:


I use those for personal use. The stainless steel coffee cups I put in my rental quickly disappeared. No big loss-I purchased for my use & really didn’t like them so I put them in the rental.

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Hahaha, “forced”?

How could you type that with a straight face.




I have antique dressers and end tables. I noticed guests putting luggage on the dresser and the desk and the chair. So I put 2 trays held down with museum putty on the dresser and 1 luggage rack is open next to the closet when a guest checks in. I put the wifi password picture frame and guest book on the desk and that seems to have helped keep luggage off it.

I bought Dollar Tree wine and water glasses but guests are free to use whichever glassware I have in the kitchen - the crystal is off limits! :wink:

Buy bulk, ask guests what they like, and don’t cry over anything that breaks.

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I didn’t. I giggled the entire time.:grin::wine_glass:


I get cheapish ones and agree wholeheartedly with @JJD 's comments about plastic glasses, especially those red ones. Oh and drinking wine from the bottle is preferable to plastic but at least provide glasses of some sort. I’ve stayed in rentals that have had no glasses at all.

In that case, I go and buy some but take them home. If a host is slapdash enough to forget glasses, then there’s no way I’m supplying them for future guests.

And don’t forget the corkscrew. :slight_smile:


Too much wine for a Sunday evening m’dear, you know it gives you the giggles :wink:



We like inexpensive stemless wine glasses for the stay. Easy to replace, if need be and less likely to be knocked over.

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