Will I get a notification if a Guest has submitted their review?

Just curious if there will be email or indicator when a Guest has left a review - even though I can not yet see it - since I have not posted mine about them?


Yes, you will.



There should be but the review system is a little glitchy of late, which I posted an experience with a few weeks ago. Since then, I have not gotten the usual email advising a review has been left but there are four new ones on my site. Another good reason to check in on your listing for a couple minutes each day :blush:

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Another person just posted about not being notified to respond to a review. I thought she wanted a prompt to respond but maybe the issue is that she didn’t get notification of the review. I usually review first but I did get a notifications yesterday that my Thursday and Friday guests had left their reviews already.

Lately, it hasn’t mattered if I reviewed first or they beat me to it. I have had both situations in the past month and I didn’t get a notification that they had reviewed in either instance. I just hard reset my entire phone, not just the app (go big or go home, ha!). We’ll see if anything changes.

@LCL, I’m like you. I almost always review first, because departing guests are often traveling on check-out day.

I just got an email from Airbnb that it was time to review the guests who checked out today.

The notifications that they reviewed have always been hit or miss for me on my phone, mostly miss, I rarely get them. I keep track with a tab opened to my Dashboard on my laptop. It has been highly accurate.

@JJD I’ve taken to doing that as well. In fact, I rarely have the app on my phone unless we are traveling. The app is so glitchy and I prefer the desktop interface anyway.

It isn’t just notifications that I am not getting though. The emails aren’t coming thru either. I got a booking yesterday but didn’t get any notice. Just an FYI - ABB says it’s a “known issue” 🤦


Airhost forum jinx. After saying I was getting notifications, I am now noticing no notifications for my most recent guest (Sat night). No notification of payment though my transactions list says it’s processing. No notification to leave a review although I was able to go get it on my host dashboard. (desktop)

The app has had delays and glitches for months though.

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I don’t usually use the app but was out for awhile earlier and went to send a note to a current guest. Most of my messages are not showing in the Inbox and some of the ones that are showing are from months ago. It’s so weird. I had to go to the calendar to get to my current guest to send a message, even though we exchanged messages last night and this morning :woman_facepalming:

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I get weird glitches in the messages part of the app all the time - I have one guest whose message “preview” before you click on the actual thread always says “new event”. Her messages look normal once you open it up.

I’ve had a couple guests that have either sent me the same message twice in a row, or Airbnb is double-posting them to me.

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I don’t “use” it much, but I wanted the notifications. When someone is booking same day after check in time of 3 pm, timely communication is essential. The app often has up to 1.5 hour delay. So I had to enable push notifications on my phone email.

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I definitely use it for the notifications. I have never had a delay on it but will be aware.

How are you supposed to keep a response rate if it’s that delayed? That’s crazy. It’s not to do with your mobile provider or something?

I have app notifications, email notifications, and text notifications turned on (can you tell I’m worried about missing somebody?). The app and text notifications usually come in right on top of one another; email notifications are delayed for me.

In most cases a few hours wouldn’t matter would it? Most of the hosts I’ve stayed with don’t respond as quickly as I do. That’s another problem with last minute stays. I’d hate to book and then get no info from the host other than what was automatically available to me. Or what if they didn’t get the notification. Hotel is less risky.


I shoot for “under 5 minutes” personally.

I respond very quickly, too.

I’ve had no problem with notifications about reviews—time for me to review or the guest has reviewed. I always get them.

I know to expect the “time for me to review” message midafternoon on a day a guest checks out.

Right after guests leave, I send them a message to confirm the we’ve looked around and they left nothing behind. If they’ve written in our guest book, I thank them for that. Also (assuming they were great, which they almost always are), I say that we’ll give them a glowing 5-star review and hope they’ll do that for us. And send them safe travel wishes.

Yes! I’ve had more than one guest comment on my quick replies. But most hosts don’t reply that quickly. Maybe that’s just another of those little things that lead to our 5 star reviews compared to those who struggle?

I can’t recall ever not getting one until yesterday.

I also almost always review as soon as I see the notification and before the guest does.


I review as soon as I get the notification that I can - only once has a guest beat me to the punch. Lightning fast fingers!