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Will I get a notification if a Guest has submitted their review?

I get a lot of “Thanks for replying so soon!” messages back so I think a lot of hosts are slow to reply. I know I would appreciate quick replies so that’s what I give my guests.


@JJD - I thought it might have been my cell provider so I hard reset my phone and carrier settings but it is still acting up, and now @KKC has the jinx. Dang it.

I am usually responding within seconds of getting a message - and I have push notifications, email and text on always so I can do this - but this is messing with my personal goals. Lol!

I have taken to checking the app and the site every half hour-ish. Scary part is, I had a reservation yesterday that came thru on email but I have yet to get the text or push notification. Even more bizarre, my husband used to get the notifications before me, so I made him a co-host and now he gets -0- messages at all!

I believe all the mice have died and the dolphins have left - “So long, and thanks for all the fish!!”
(I hope someone else is a Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy fan to get this joke)

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