Will AirBnB Penalize Me for Declining Requests When I Have "By Request Only Turned On"

First of all, I turned instant book off and LOVE IT. Having better control over who stays eliminates unwanted guests. I do wish I could see their picture prior to accepting but whatever. I’ve declined a number of people and am wondering, will AirBnB penalize me for this? (And if you guys know of any glitches to get a look at someone’s profile photo prior to accepting their reservation please let me know)

Less than 88% acceptance rate and the threatening emails will start.
Airbnb don’t like the guest being denied, because we are such a happy sharing place and that isn’t what they sell.
If I really don’t want the guest I send an insane special offer… they never accept and I never decline … works for me and keeps the algorithm happy.


I send an insane special offer

So let’s say they send a request to stay for a certain rate over a few nights. You send them a higher rate? What reason do you use to justify this insane rate?

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You don’t need to justify it… you don’t want them as guests, you don’t want to decline.
If they get pushy, I just say… oh sorry, these dates were meant to be closed for family reasons.

The other way is to close a day in the middle of their dates requested and suddenly not possible.
Just need the reminder to reopen.
If they query that - the other booking cancelled.
Many ways to manage an unwanted booking…


In the past, me seeing their photo beforehand helped reduce the amount of unwanted guests. When AirBnB changed their policy to become more political correct, I had to start declining people based on their names, which is a bit more difficult.

Ah, I get it now.

So, pray tell, how do you discriminate based on names?



Curious. @SeasonedHost How did seeing someone’s photo stop you having ‘unwanted guests’.

And what criteria do you use to decline guests based on their names?


Who exactly are you screening out?


This seems like discrimination to me, hopefully you can prove me wrong?



Do you really mean to tell this forum that you’re discriminating on race, color, creed??

I think we’re all a bit nonplussed by this. Please tell us this isn’t so.


I’m on the edge of my keyboard on this one. :popcorn:


I think Airbnb is on to that one. I tried to a few weeks ago but Airbnb had locked the days (no changes) until I responded.

I don’t know how that would work if you were on another platform like VRBO &sharing calendars

From memory, if you’ve an API connection to Airbnb then the days are not blocked. I have a setting within my channel manager that I’m fairly sure allows me to choose how Airbnb requests are handled, i.e. blocked, or not blocked.

That said, it’s so long ago that I did anything in respect of requests to book I may talking nonsense!


Do you rent a shared space?

There have been discussions about a shared space and women renting only to women being acceptable

I gladly rent to anyone respectful & whose money is green. However I like having pics because my communication is flexible to accommodate younger vs older (my peeps!), also different for experienced vs inexperienced guest, tech savvy, & type of rental (LT or ST).


@SeasonedHost Yes, I know a trick for seeing guests’ photos in some cases, before the booking is confirmed.

But I’m not about to share that info with someone who indicates they discriminate against guests based on their race, nationality or religion.

Which ones do you decline based on name? The Muslims or the Asians? Or both?


Absolute fucking bullshit. I hope you bigots lose your business.


Observation: my friend & rental competition neighbor discussed how our rental customers trend after certain reviews. Don’t misunderstand, I’m grooving on the revenue.

For example a lovely family rented. The wife posted the review. She was wearing a hijab in the pic. I then had several bookings quickly after the review posted from families featuring women wearing hijabs in pics.

Similar bookings occurred for my friend after a guest of color left a glowing review.

We love it. It speaks to acceptance. These two >60, blonde haired, white women are getting a wide variety of guests which translates into more money. After all, it is a business.



You may wish to explain your comment. It is easy to interpret it in the worst possible light.

If you mean it to be as it sounds, by now you know how people feel about it. Plus you are violating Airbnb Terms of Service.


Yeah, I had the same.

Some joker from Airbnb with Kermit as his profile pic stayed for three nights and gave us a cracking review. The following week I had to reject one hundred and twenty seven requests to book from frogs and feckin toads.

Ok, I’ll get me coat…