Why is this? "Today" screen? Does everyone have this problem?

I have 3 sep airbnb rooms. On my "today’ page it only shows one of the rooms in ‘currently hosting’ when I have clearly 3. When I click on the ‘currently hosting’ button, it then shows one other room.

It’s been like that for a few weeks. I personally find it annoying because it’s another step I need to bypass in order to check my inbox.

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I’ve found the Today feature to be buggy and often incomplete and/or inaccurate. I try to ignore it as much as possible.


Yes, I’ve read many host posts saying the Today page info is incomplete or just plain wrong, for instance having the wrong check-in or check-out date.

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I just go straight to my inbox from the “Host” dropdown box in the top bar. (desktop, not app)

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Anytime I sign in, it takes me to my traveler’s inbox, then I switch accounts. It then takes me to the today page so I have to click again on inbox. I was using my tablet so I switched to my desktop but it still does the same thing. I was thinking of deactivating my traveler’s account to see if that would help.

It seems like anytime Airbnb does updates to the platform, it causes glitches.

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When I sign in, I have to first click on “Switch to hosting” right next to my profile photo, then the top menu appears, where I can choose Inbox. Yes, it then shows travel inbox, so I have to switch to hosting inbox.

But of course, that can all change from one day to the next, as you say, they are constantly changing things for no reason. Also, pages can appear differently in different parts of the world.

How do you deactivate just your travelling account? I didn’t know that was possible.

And since all correspondence with Airbnb CS appears in the travelling inbox (which is also bizarre and illogical, especially if one has never travelled as a guest), I wonder how it would work if you deactivated the travelling account.

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Muddy, thank you so much. You brought up a good point; Airbnb customer service reps use the traveler’s account to reply to host’s request for customer service. I’m stuck keeping it. I forgot about that. Thanks again.


I think the Today screen is a little weird; what kind of host am I if I don’t know what’s happening Today?!

I also click past it to the menu.

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Not to mention the endless “reminders” that you have a guest checking in next week, so don’t forget to send them check-in info. And then another reminder that XX is checking in in 3 days, and then another one to remind you that XX is checking in today. Maybe newbie hosts need these, or discombobulated property managers with hundreds of listings, but I imagine they are just annoying to most hosts.

I can guarantee that Airbnb set it up that way because of the guests who haven’t heard from their host, can’t get into their Airbnb, etc. I’ve booked with more than one host who never bothered to acknowledge my booking. It’s happened 3 times and I haven’t stayed with them, I canceled.

Do you think those non-responding hosts would have behaved any better if you appeared on their Today page? I would kind of doubt it. Seems like if they don’t have the manners and professionalism to respond when you booked, they wouldn’t even be bothering to look at that page.

Nope. And they are all experienced hosts with good reviews. Their needs and mine didn’t align and I felt better not taking the chance. Airbnb is just covering their ass. Airbnb can’t make a host do anything just like they can’t make a guest do anything.

Oh, I’d cancel, too if a host didn’t bother to acknowledge my booking. It only takes a couple of minutes to respond in a friendly, welcoming manner.

I’ve never understood when guests post about having made an instant booking months prior, never received a response from the host, never made any further attempt to communicate with the host, and then are all flustered and upset and worried when the host hasn’t sent any check-in info 3 days before the check-in date and isn’t responding to their messages.

In one case several years ago it was a request to book but I just loved the place. The host literally took 23 hours to accept. Then a couple of weeks later I needed to change my booking and I made a change request. They took almost 24 hours to accept that as well. But neither time was there any message associated with the acceptance. That was a room in a private home and it just seemed odd. So I ended up canceling and getting a suite that was set up like mine: attached to the home but separate. I figure if they are too busy to message or set up automated messages then maybe they will be too busy when I’m there.

It’s nothing personal, I’m just in charge of managing my own risk.


That’s exactly how I would feel- too busy to acknowledge my booking or change request? Then they might be too busy to actually need my business, or be available during the stay if there were any issues. I’d envision the door code not working and the host not answering messages or phone calls or texts.

Obviously a host could have some emergency situation which might cause a significant delay in responding. Their kid fell off their bike and broke their leg and they are at the hospital, or there was a huge storm and all the telecommunications are down. Where I live, occasionally we have no cell service or internet for 12 hours at a stretch. Happened just last week. There was apparently an electrical problem in the area of town where both the cell tower and my internet provider’s tower are, which affected both services, and we had no way of communicating. It would come back on for a couple of minutes and then go out again. This went on all day.

I actually mention this possibility to guests after they book. That this being a little Mexican town with dicey infrastructure, not to worry if they message me and I don’t respond right away- it is probably because my internet is down, but I will get back to them as soon as possible.

But those things are outside the norm for most hosts and if a host is given a couple of chances to respond and doesn’t, seems like a huge red flag to me. At least I wouldn’t want to put money in their pocket.

Just bookmark the page you want to go to! I’ve got several bookmarks for AirBnB, including Resolution Center and the calendar for each room, all on an “Air” button on my bookmarks toolbar of my browser. I only do Air on my computer unless it’s a quick reply to a message from a guest, and I have found that phone app alerts are not always timely.


Thank you so much! You’re the best. I had not even thought of bookmarking the page.

my “today” page feels like it’s 10hours out of sync. i ignore it.

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Sounds like bad programming where they are going by some US time zone instead of yours.