Why is this? "Today" screen? Does everyone have this problem?

Yes and it’s a pretty typical experience to have as an Australian. We always get emails with “summer specials” in winter and stuff like that. The world is very northern-hemispherist, it’s fine. We roll our eyes and get in with it.


It isn’t even a matter of northern hemisphere. For instance, for most American and Canadian hosts, summer might be their high season, unless they are in a popular ski locale. But I am in Mexico, which is not only in the northern hemisphere, but is part of North America (which most people don’t seem aware of, they think it is part of Central or South America). Yet winter is high tourist season here, a time when the weather is quite pleasant- the summers are hot, humid, and rainy.

Another thing that most people don’t seem aware of is that Central America is also part of North America :wink:

This is true. While it isn’t incorrect to refer to that area as Central America, as far as continents go, it isn’t its own continent, like North or South America.

Of course, it’s not incorrect to refer to that particular sub-region of the Americas that happens to be on the North American continent as Central America but it is ironic when you call it that in the context that you just did.

To be fair, Central America confuses a lot of people because of a couple of reasons. One is that its name refers to being central to both of the Americas, two different continents, which is unique. And the other is that we capitalize Central America but we don’t capitalize central Europe or central Asia.

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Ah, well you didn’t understand my context, but I didn’t make it clear. What I was thinking about is that I have seen posts on Mexico forums where people who are considering moving to Mexico and asking for advice, will sometimes say things like “I’m considering moving to Mexico, I’ve always been attracted to the idea of living somewhere in Central America.”

There’s that Jimmy Kimmel segment where he stops people on the street and asks them something to test their basic knowledge of some topic. One had a map of the world set up, with a pointer stick, with no place names. They asked people if they could point to and name the continents. The interviewees would tap the pointer on Great Britain, for instance, and say “England?”
“That’s a country, not a continent.”

Some tapped on South America and said “Africa?”

Almost none of them could name even one continent, it was really pitiful. These were people who said they were high school and even university graduates. (Although I’m sure these clips are edited, and some people were able to do it, they just show the ones who can’t)