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Why does it say I need to work on "trips reviewed"?


Today I noticed on my dashboard the word “Superhost” was followed in red lettering and with an exclamation “Please review upcoming changes”

When I click on this it says “It looks like you need to work on a few areas to keep your Superhost status. The next assessment is on October 01” etc. and then in bold writing “What to Work on”

Trips reviewed You:0% Target: 50%

This has me scratching my head. I review everyone who stays and almost everyone reviews me. So what on earth is it referring to and how do I “work on it”?


That sounds like a question for Airbnb. I suggest you contact them and ask them.


It appears to be a bug. I’m showing the same thing, and like you, review all my guests and at least 80% of them review me. There’s another thread this morning talking about the same thing, so we’re not the only ones.


Same! Good thing I have this board for a sanity check!


Another one of Airbnb’s improvements to alienate hosts. All they do is run a software program and they can’t even get that right. They seeem to be in the business of making hosts crazy


Bad coding! I’m seeing the same.

If you change the time period in the drop-down box to the 12 mos ending June 30, it will show your accurate results.


It’s still annoying though. I already have 5 reviews posted for July stays and it says I have zero.


I do a lot of this development/data sci work in my 9-5 job, so this really peeves me off. It’s sloppy work on their part to have an incentive-based metric that wasn’t fully tested before implementation. I sent them a message. We’ll see what comes of it.

You have some bad coding in the Host’s “Progress” section that’s returning inaccurate 0% review rates for the period ending Sep 30, 2018. My review rate for the period ending June 30 is 85%, so even if you counted all the upcoming stays as “unreviewed” your number is still wrong.

I wouldn’t care about the metric except that, based on this bad calculation, you’re giving hosts a warning they’re falling behind on metrics for the next SuperHost assessment (Oct 1).

I’m not the only host experiencing this. Other hosts on the forums are seeing the same.

Please fix it and implement some standards in your development/release protocols so you check your work before implementing. It’s ridiculous that I can manage this as a data scientist at a small rural hospital on a shoestring budget and you can’t do it as a $30 BILLION dollar company.


I recently got a crappy “You have 6 photos to review” message from Air – complaining that 4 were “too dark” and 2 were “blurry”. I sent a reply telling them that their photo analysis software or human snoop had no clue what constituted “too dark” and “blurry”, because none of my photos were either!


Ohhhh… I love it when you tell it like it is: grin::rofl::roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They’ve been mucking about with the code again and are making their clients/customers look bad! It’s just WRONG that they have no protocol for in-house and beta testing before dumping this kind of stuff on an international customer base (half of whom have no idea that Air can be wrong)


I got Superhost for the first time this morning (we’ve been hosting since May) and was so excited, until I saw my metrics were all jacked up.

Geesh Air, check with both hands before releasing anything cause left hand and right hand aren’t working together!

Thanks for the sanity check, y’all. Looks like they are buggy :cry: and hopefully they fix it soon!


Mine said zero unless as @Allison_H said you change the date range. However, I just got notified that we received superhost as of today for four times in a row! Looks like there are going to be more sh rewards coming but for now it’s still a 100$ voucher or free photography


I got a response basically saying they forwarded it to their technical team. Nothing to address how inept they appear when they don’t check their work before implementing their coding.


Isn’t there a metric though for how many reviews you get? I don’t think that is a glitch. You need to host x number of trips and get x number of reviews.

So in essence you are punished for thjngs out of your control. Standard Airbnb practice.


You have to host at least 10 trips per year and review 50% so it’s not an x number of reviews. Maybe it doesn’t “correct” itself until you have at least 10 trips so it’s unlikely that many people have 10 trips reviewed already in just 14 days.


See also: What is this new super host requirement? not a superhost anymore :(

It’s for the next period ! I also got a shock when I first saw it, but it’s for the evaluation in October.
If you select the current period, with medal ceremony tomorrow, you will all qualify.


Just became a super host today Yay! Maybe I’ll sleep well tonight w/o stressing about the ratings

Ignore. @GutHend pointed out this thread above.


I had the same message Ken. In my defence, the ‘blurry’ photos were arty shots :joy::joy:


Mine too – Food Photography is Art!

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