What is this new super host requirement? not a superhost anymore :(

what does this new requirement mean? it says i don’t meet the criteria? anywone know what this is, its under all the categroies now,family and work ??

I have the same and I have reviewed every guest…? Another Airbnb glitch?

Hi @Cocoanouk,

I think it’s saying you haven’t reviewed any of your recent guests. Though it might also mean your guests haven’t reviewed you. It’s ambiguous. Does anyone know for sure what that line means?

It’s for the next period ! I also got a shock when I first saw it, but it’s for the evaluation in October.
If you select the current period, with medal ceremony tomorrow, you will all qualify.


Just got my medal; wow. And a bonus to boot. Now where’s that thread telling me I’m an unhelpful host…?

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Apparently this is a glitch; they geeks are messing with the code again. Ignore.

Like kidney stones, this too shall pass…


Pray tell, I was going to ask you all this the other day.

The screen shots are obviously a glitch of some kind, but “Trips Reviewed” is definitely how many GUESTS reviewed YOU. Not the other way around. I know this for certain. I have 12 reviews by guests, and that’s what it says for me. Really not a fair thing to assess a host on. How is it our fault when a guest fails to leave a review? :tired_face: I already feel like I’m begging for them. (Well, not really but I don’t like asking at all, no matter how tastefully.)

Even being new on the host scene, have had 5 guests not leave a review. (I’ve reviewed all my guests to date except for one.) Maybe Air should spam and text the guests daily, reminding them that they need to leave a review. They seem to have no problems pestering hosts about changing their nightly minimums, offering discounts, and letting us know how many people looked at our space but decided to stay elsewhere! :roll_eyes:

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In the eyes of Airbnb it is our fault. The logic is that if the guests had a good stay they’d be motivated to write about it. And many guests (and some hosts unfortunately) think that it’s better not to write a review if things weren’t as good as they’d like. I know we get a lot of hosts here complaining about unfair reviews but the alternative is no review at all - some people think ‘if you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all’.

I don’t know about these days but the last time I stayed in an Airbnb I was bombarded by emails asking me to review!

They suck. These things are out of our control. I lost on that one too. People on vacation sometimes don’t have the time or inclination to review.
My guests are slowing down, due to summer and the volcano, so there’s less of everything, assuming that is why… drum roll please…

I’m no longer a Super Ho, :sob::sob::sob::sob::weary:

but screw it. Sick of their petty games and carrots on sticks.
This company has lost its way big time. I don’t know what happened to the cool, funky, hip company I first signed up with 9 years ago.

Got too big for their britches.


Yes, true. But I’ve learned from this forum that we owe it to other hosts to give reviews, so I’m just going to review everyone. I withheld one review because they guy was texting me (to my mobile) long after his stay, chatting with me and sending pictures and what not (pics of scenery in my area, not himself! Ha!) Promising to leave a 5 star review. Maybe this guest was just waiting for ME to review HIM. Who knows.

This is good to know. I’ve stayed at a lot of VRBO’s but only one Airbnb property, and that was a direct booking (or off books rather.) I was wondering how often Air guests were sent reminders. ALSO, I’m wondering if you don’t leave reviews for guests if there is some hidden algorithm that affects your rankings(?). I wouldn’t be surprised!


Cats! Really, you (and everyone) should just be honest. Start a review by saying ‘I know that I’m picky but…’

List the problems then other people can decide for themselves if they are genuine grievances or if you’re just a nitpicker :slight_smile:


Kona, the only reason I chased the carrot one more time is pure unvarnished ego.

It doesn’t matter a hoot to guests, and in at least one case it probably worked against me.

i needed the boost because i have been out of work a long time and Air was my segue back. Three interviews last week!


Same as my experience…so much so that we left 3 days early, didn’t even ask for a refund or adjustment…just wanted out of there. Life’s too short to put up with standards that are no where near acceptable to most. There was no quality control and the nightly rate was $176.

It was a remote host/owner who dealt off the platform (I know-I know); she had a manager to whom I made the complaint about cleanliness and although she wanted to send the (same) housecleaner over for a “re-do” it would have been awkward as heck because she’s the one who let us in and showed us around.

We found out later that her standards were so gross that it could not be rectified in my (squeamish) mind. I would have liked to have let the remote owner “have it with both barrels” but I just let the manager know that we had left the rental because of the substandard cleaning.

We’re sticking with extended stay hotels, like Homewood Suites. Sooo much better and more bang for the buck.

Hi @yecatsr,

Thank you for the clarification. And yes, making the host responsible for a metric not under their control is unreasonable. Which is why I thought that maybe it was the number of reviews you had written. Then again, if that were the case, “Feedback from other travellers” would not make much sense.

Parenthetically, I must admit I often don’t review guests if I’m not sure they will give me a good review. Because reviewing a guest makes it more likely they will review you.


Good for you; a great start back on the road. Good luck, but it does sometimes take time to get used to interviews again, if your confidence has been kicked. I think your using Airbnb to get back into work is really such a positive move.

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OH, scary! I’m going to review someone in the next few days, whether or not she reviews me. She was not super friendly, but seemed pleased with the space. Maybe just her personality, but I’m scared for her review–One bad review could statistically knock my socks off at this early date.

Well, I don’t have any scientific data about this. But the prevailing theory seems to be that reviewing a guest makes them in turn more likely to review you. I’d suggest checking with your guest before they leave how happy they are with the stay. Often they’ll tell you. And I usually mention to them the line about anything under 5 stars being bad. Also, I find people who fill in a feedback form are more likely to leave a good review. People who aren’t going to leave a good review, or aren’t going to review, mostly either will not fill in the form at all, or do a very hasty job. This isn’t a perfect test, but it’s statistically significant.

And of course, a feedback form isn’t necessary, but it’s modestly useful. Oh, and the theory is that sometimes it can act as a lightning rod for complaints. So if they complain about something in the feedback form, they are less likely to do so in the actual Airbnb review.

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Interesting @faheem, please tell me that there is not some preliminary feedback form available to air guests? I assume you leave your own hard copy in their room or something for them to fill out online?

Yes, It’s just one printed page, which I give to them. In theory at the beginning of their stay, but often I forget to do that. It’s not an online thing, and it’s my own form. Nothing to do with Airbnb. There’s a thread about it somewhere where several people share their feedback form.