Who's good with Math re: Stars?

So last week I had a guest write me a review even though she didn’t stay and she gave me 1 star across the board. Surprisingly when I wrote to Airbnb CS to remove the review they did.

But that got me thinking. I went from 4.92 to 4.91 for the one review. I don’t usually care but given that I have had a 4.92 rating for years and no matter how many 5 star reviews I get it never budges but this one review bumped me down.

So here’s my stats
397 reviews
370 5 star
24 4 star
3 3 star

Note - the 4 and 3 stars are from 2017-2019. I haven’t had less than 5 stars in over 2 years.

How would you figure out if Airbnb’s math is correct? Anybody know?

Yes it’s correct. You have a total of 1955 stars divided by 397 reviews which, with all of the decimals, equals:

4.92443325 which rounds down to 4.92

The good news is that you only need 3 more 5 star reviews in a row (for 1970 stars divided by 400 reviews) and you will have a 4.925 which rounds to 4.93 :blush:


Thanks. They way my bookings are going right now, it could be a few months :wink:

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@Lynick4442 It’s pretty basic math, not at all complex.

Multiply 5 by the number of 5* reviews, 4 by the number of 4 star reviews, etc.

Add up those totals and divide by the total number of reviews.

Be aware that only the past 365 days are used for Superhost criteria.

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Very specifically, this is how you do the math.

Without the 1-star review
((370 x 5) + (24 x 4) + (3 x 3)) ÷ 397 = 4.92443

With the 1-star review
((370 x 5) + (24 x 4) + (3 x 3) + (1 x 1)) ÷ 398 = 4.91457


Except that the 1-star review is an irrelevant variable that doesn’t answer the question :wink: