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Wholesaler for linens, amenities, etc

Are there any hotel wholesalers where i can buy towels, shampoo, bed linens, pillows, etc? I need to buy multiple sets for each room i have and it’s expensive if going to places like bed bath and beyond

That would depend upon where in the world you are

There are many. Just Google it.

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Let me know if you find anything please! I am using Amazon and Costco for now, but happy to upgrade to more luxury stuff.


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Buying linen can be a headache spending a lot of time washing the linen sets, buying new sets because of permanent stains and not getting the top notch linen sets that I want. So I rent my linen sets from NestAngel for a reasonable price for its unique services. Every item is hand checked and come perfectly cleaned and pressed and its good quality linen they deliver and collect within 24 hours so is great.

In the meantime, check it out renting can be a better solution


Can we keep the advertisements out of threads ?


Not advertisement is related to the subject. I have been in this same position as others buying linen, Next time I will mind own business forum is about helping others

It’s fine line between an ad or self promoting and answering a question that was posted. @stan’s post seems borderline ok to me. He did post on two threads so any more and it’s going to come off as spamming the threads.


Agree with this assessment. Stan was answering a specific question about a specific product.

Brandt since you are new here I would encourage you to read and understand our recently posted forum guidelines.


He Joined 8 hours ago and his first post was to dig up a dead thread 3 months old to promote his company.

We’re going to let it stand. We moderate on a case by case basis. Please review the guidelines.

If you are not interested in linen questions, why did you even open the thread? Not accusing, just wondering.

I am interested in linens, my property manager complains about my microfiber sheets saying they stain and wrinkle. It makes it hard to get good recommendations when you have to navigate through advertisements that who knows what the credibility is.

One post is hardly wade worthy. I think you are overreacting.


My issue with microfiber were snagged from what I assumed may be long toenails. After only a few weeks of use, they had snags galore. I have purchased them for my personal home and thought they were pretty great and dried really fast. I have since purchased Sam’s Club sheets (Eddie Bauer brand) and they have been wonderful. They do take a bit longer to dry…

Do you mean pilling? You can remove the pills with an electric razor. That’s right, just when you thought you have heard it all on the forum, someone suggests you shave the sheets! :rofl::rofl:


No, not pilling. These are long snags like something sharp caught a thread. The microfiber sheets from Kohl’s didn’t all have this problem, but a couple of the colors did.

That’s strange. I’ve tried a few microfiber sheets and I can’t stand any of them in the summer. In the winter they are more tolerable. However, the set I had the longest definitely were not prone to snagging. I used the top sheet on my bed to protect it because dogs get on it. So if anything was going to snag it would have been dog feet. Sorry I can’t remember where they were from. Probably Costco.

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Totally. They are 100% Polyester and make me sweat. They start off soft and smooth but then pill after use and washing/drying. I’ve tossed all mine so I can’t try the electric razor trick.

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Ive been an Airbnb super host for a while and I buy all of my linens at airbsupply, a friend told me about them last year and they have fabulous pricing and exceptional quality

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