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Wholesaler for linens, amenities, etc

I buy my bleach safe hand towels and wash cloths from
These aren’t cheap but I don’t end up getting as stressed about guests wrecking hand towels and wash cloths because they are colored and I can just bleach them. The colors won’t run.

For my bath towels I use St. Moritz 100% ring spun long thread egyptian cotton. They are about $7.50/ea so they’re less expensive than a lot of other towels plus they aren’t too big. The Sams Club towels are so big they never dry properly.
I believe I got those towels from here:

For my duvet covers I buy these. They are 400 threat count real cotton so they clean well, are strong, breathable and soft. Very luxurious. They also come with 2 nice pillow shams per set so I have extra pillow cases if those get wrecked.

Duvet inserts below. These are warm and fluffy enough. I just keep an extra one in the closet if someone wants another one.

Now for my actual sheets, I am using Sams Club’s 450 thread count 100% cotton sheets for $40/ea (queen). Thats the best deal I’ve seen. They’re nice sheets but not super nice. I’ve tried the 650 thread count ones as well for $70 (queen) but I haven’t had any guests say they were super impressed by those either.


What colors do you typically go for with sheets? Darker colors stain less, but lighter colors look nicer and more high end. Thanks

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