Who offers a hot tub? How do you charge? Overall better or worse?

I want to get a hot tub for my guests but I don’t want to increase the nightly price assuming all guests will use it. Any thoughts/suggestions?

Also for hosts who do offer a hot tub, has it made a difference?

We have a hot tub but it’s off limits to guests. It’s costly to run (electricity and chemicals). We’re also concern about liability.


Do you have problems with people using it without asking?

We placed a lock on the electrical outlet after we noticed some guests were trying to use it. Since the lock is in place now, they can’t plug it in.


Ha, I think I just responded to you on FB :grin:

Here’s my cut and paste: I think it depends on your location and type of Air you offer. I am in Palm Springs, Ca and my Air, as are most around me, a destination in a resort area. Guests come to vacation and most listings do offer hot tubs. As hot as it currently is, some of my guests are still using it, crazy! I include the extra costs in the nightly rate, hate to have my guests feel nickeled and dimed.

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Do you host remotely? Or are available?
Will you empty and refill the thing after each group?

I know someone with multiple listings that could not find maintenance as the pool people in his area would not offer that service, then left the tub as is and required new guests to do their own refilling, testing, …ah and the tub was shared with a few rentals on top of that
… needless that did never go down well.

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I don’t understand why it would need to be emptied and refilled after each group. Hot tubs are sanitized with chemicals, as are swimming pools.

I can’t imagine having guests do their own sanitation, ick! :grin:


There is an older thread where that came up …
but one thing he mentioned that murkied water instantly was too much sun tanning oil etc.

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Got it. I agree it takes quite a bit more chlorine when dealing with lotions, etc.

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We have both a pool and a hot tub. Guests have pool privileges, not hot tub. Hot tub is in a fenced area.

When your listing is called Poolside Cabana With Gourmet Flair, you just don’t charge for pool use. If guests choose not to swim that’s their loss. We take a percentage of pool maintenance chemicals and supplies as a tax deduction, of course.

Have stayed at a couple places with hot tubs. No upcharge or use charge, just part of the price.

Here is an older thread about tubs …

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Peeing in the hot tub, lol. My guess is if they are peeing in my hot tub, they are probably peeing in my swimming pool. I’m not convinced the poster that worked on Hot Tubs knows water chemistry. And the OP was just guessing that people were peeing :smile:

FWIW, I drain my hot tub every month or so. I personally like the feeling of fresh water on my skin. I also drain my swimming pool twice a year, but this is due to the ridiculously hard water we have here in the desert.

I have an upcoming reservation at a beach house in NZ, one of the main reasons I booked was hot tub. I’d be horrified if I got charged to use on a fee for service basis. Bad idea for any hosts, add it into your price @echan00


Even worse are the places that present something as being part of th listing but when you get there it isn’t available at all.


Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Yes I also agree charging extra seems not very friendly. I feel a little ambivalent about this because i also don’t think it’s fair for a host to offer “everything” for free OR keep it all under one price. In the same way a hotel also offers extra services for additional money in the form of massage/spa/conference room rentals/per per view movies etc. Some guests want the extra services and some don’t…

Well …you can split it into two listings: one with the tub included at a higher price and one without. And then link the calendars.

However, with the emphasis on the ratings you risk getting dinged on stars for those booking the lower price, but thinking the tub is included …

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And there will be those who KNOW it is not included and attempt to use it anyway and possible damage if they can’t get their own whay

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One of the questions we were asked for our commercial rental insurance policy was for hot tubs, so I would guess our policy would be a lot more expensive if we had one. Not worth the liability and cleaning issues for us.

I have a hot tub - the cost is included in the rate. I’m in Sooke, British Columbia, and guests seem to like hot tubs. I believe it’s a feature that guests are looking for. I change the water every 6 week or so - depending on usage.

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We have a hot tub at our rental. It is included in the nightly rate and our commercial insurance asked about it as well and required liability waivers in the booking / house rules.

Almost every guest has remarked on enjoying it, and we just had a triathlon group that swore by it. (After such a punishing work out, I guess so!).

We drain and refill it as needed, noting that lotions and makeup cause a mess every time. I have it in my house rules that a drain and refill could result in an extra charge, but I haven’t assessed that yet. It more of a plea for people to shower first. I might eventually put in an outdoor shower to prompt this bc I don’t really want people walking thru the house with wet feet on our hardwood floors.