Who isn't getting paid? Which country?

I have been told this is global and there are hosts in Europe and the UK who haven’t been paid for up to 7 weeks. Can anyone comment?

I am paid , I am in US

I’m in the UK and got paid yesterday. I’m due another payout today. I do get paid via PayPal though.

I think it’s just Australia.

No problem with payout in NZ.

result! A bit more than £20 I think

I got the same message the other day. They’d overpaid me by £0.63.

Who told you this @Poppy

time for champers and the caviars, I think

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One of my owners started freaking out big time yesterday when I told her I hadn’t received a payment since 2nd November. She has two fully booked apartments and 85% are one night stays, so that’s a lot of payments missed. I felt she had to know as it is only a couple of days until I give her the monthly payment so I should let her know in case she needed to make other arrangements. She got onto google and spent a few hours and phoned me saying it was global and that there were hosts that hadn’t been paid for 7 weeks. I was sorry I had told her. So thought I would put it out on this forum to see if it was true.

I am yet to receive a payment. It shows how vulnerable we all are and what poor communicators they are. Yet we are the ones that jump through hoops to get our 5* for communication. It actually makes me feel like a fool, they say jump, I say how high? Now I am saying why am I doing this again?

I received this yesterday:

We recently experienced a delay that triggered an error for one or more of your payout methods. Good news—the error’s been fixed and payouts are on the way.

Thanks for waiting as we’ve resolved this issue.

Best regards,

The Airbnb Team

I asked @Poppy because I thought you hosted in Australia not the UK.

So are you saying one of your owners, that you host for, has a property in the UK and told you that they haven’t been paid ???

No, my properties are in Australia, not sure why you think they are in the UK?

I never said I thought you have properties were in the UK @Poppy

  1. You said
  1. I asked you who told you this?

  2. You replied to me [quote=“Poppy, post:10, topic:27450”]
    One of my owners started freaking out big time yesterday when I told her I hadn’t received a payment since 2nd November

So you can see how the confusion arose.

Let me try again. Poppy who told you that ‘hosts in the UK and Europe were not being paid’ (just as note to you the UK is in Europe)


Yeah, we got that about a few past and future(!) reservations.

Kept getting fobbed off initially about what the exact financial impact would be. Finally got an answer and was told it was in relation to the IBA (VAT) charged. Financial impact will be minimal.

Assuming above is correct, nowt to worry about and no payment issues for us.


The answer is in her reply above.

One of the owners of the properties she manages read it somewhere on the internet.

I didn’t connect this with the owner of one of the properties reading about it on the internet.

Thanks for clearing that up.

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I’m sure ABB did quite well on the late payment interest.

Absolutely, my last payment was 2nd November and I’m still waiting. I did receive an email yesterday saying nearly $7,000 was coming my way. Promises promises…