Who else has to caution their Airbnb guests about THIS?

Just a “light note” thread here.
I live a block from a 200yrd wide powerline corridor that also serves as a wildlife freeway connecting with the vast wilderness of British Columbia a few miles away.
Does @muddy warn about Mexican sharks?
What else?:


I’m not on the beach, although I live in a beach town. Scorpions are what guests have to be aware of at my place. There’s also some poisonous snakes, although they are rare.

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As the crow flies I’m 4 miles from the border with Mexico so a little far for any need of this sign. But someone could drive on the Border Highway to my house if they were coming west to east.


Heartbreaking !





These outdoorsmen hopefully know that bear spray doesn’t work, isn’t applied,
the same as bug spray. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My 2 favourite signs
Tel aviv, on the board walk
And Cairns Australia


At the top of my street is 225 acres of conservation land, wetlands, and fresh water ponds. It’s not uncommon to find all sorts of predators wandering our streets. (And we are only 7 miles north of Boston.) I’ve written something in my listing so not to alarm my guest but to make them aware.

Honestly, it’s really to cover myself with Airbnb :wink:

The house is over 100 years old located in New England and while we work very hard to keep the suite as clean it’s possible, during unusually warm weather in the winter and thaws and rain in the spring, a bug might sneak in. (IE: Spider,lady bug, ants or even a bee). None of these bugs are harmful and we are happy to remove them, vacuum and spray with non-toxic essential oils if something has snuck in.

Also, because there are conservation lands at the top of our street, there is also wildlife such as coyotes, foxes, turkeys, skunks, ground hogs, fisher cats, deer, raccoons, squirrels, moles, and others. Most of these wildlife are never seen and they keep to the woods but an occasional spotting is possible.


Amsterdam + Canals + Historic House = Mice…

Or at least the need to warn guests, just in case


That’s really quite wonderful!

Do you describe that in your listing or guidebook as an attraction? Are there walking trails? A place to go cross-country or snowshoeing?

Sweet niblets, yes. We live and operate Airbnbs in National Forest… and people are shocked we caution about bears and not leaving out trash!! I guess some people aren’t used to staring down coyote packs, deer, and black bears on hikes :wink:


About five years ago I walked out my front door and twenty feet away a large black bear was lying on the ground under our apple tree totally drunk from gorging on the fermented treefall fruit on the ground.

He was scraping fruit across the grass into his mouth without even raising his head, repeatedly rolling (but not getting up) towards the next apple. Eventually he got up to weave and stumble down the road, no doubt seeking black coffee and a cold shower. I swear he was “drunk muttering” to himself as he ambled away.

Not the only wild bear to visit our garden over the years, but certainly the most impaired!

P.S. I checked Airbnb later, and the bear never even bothered to leave a review


I do to some extent but part of it is a golf course and when I went in and marked the trails and provided maps for guest very few used them and then trees fell down. I give them a basic trail but I can’t be responsible for people getting lost, ticks, etc.

I also post some spectacular sunsets from the location.

And yes in the winter, I do go cross country skiing and snow shoeing but people really book my place to to the proximity to Boston and Salem MA (and near the airport).

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We are located in a mountain canyon and surrounded by national forest. We provide info about hiking trails (written and provided by others) but in no way do we warn our guests of mountain lions, rattlesnakes, scorpions, etc. as most people coming here are hikers and understand that these local residents are rarely seen but possible encounters. We do ask they not leave coolers with food on the porch (bears, coatis, skunks all know how to open coolers) and that they close our gate if leaving/returning in the evening as we do try to keep skunks from getting in the walled yard. Our listing mentions that “you might hear the chirp of a cricket in the bathroom or find a moth fluttering near the porch light or lamp by the bed. Nature’s local residents are our neighbors.” I might be naive, but I assume our guests are all adults and are aware of their surroundings. :laughing:

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Gee I hope you caught that on film


right down the road from our house, while playing golf.


This reminds me of the time Donald Trump encountered bears on his golf course in New Jersey. What Trump referred to as “my bears” were apparently the “best bears” ever seen on a golf course anywhere in the United States and probably the world.

During the encounter one of the bears – a big strong male – approached Trump’s golf buggy and, with tears in his eyes, said “Sir – I just want to tell you how much my family and I appreciate being able to make a nice home for ourselves in the woods on your property.”

When Trump later found out the bears were not actually paying rent he called them “losers” and had the male relocated to the clubhouse, where he now hangs permanently on the wall above an oil painting of a very muscular Donald dressed in hunter’s gear and holding an AR-15 assault rifle in his bulging arms.

True story


Doberman mixes, rattlesnakes, bobcat, coyote, mountain lions… = dangerous animals on property, yes, Checked. Just so they know, if they read. We’ve seen a few scorpions as well.

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“Guests are strongly advised to leave their baby kittens at home…”