Where do you want to stay?

There will come a time when quarantine will be in the past and many of us will want to get out and explore

Which AirBNB, B&B, or hotel are you looking to stay at?

These are on my list.

  1. I came across this B&B ‘The Publishing House’ while watching an HGTV show ‘You live in what?’



  2. This midcentury home in Tucson


  3. Malaga became one of my favorite cities, when I was there several years ago, so when I make it back, if still available, I’m booking with a member on this Forum.


When this is over I want to travel the country visiting all of my friends. I want to give every single one of them a big hug. I’ve already stayed with several hosts here and would like to continue doing so at every opportunity. I may never fly overseas again however. Not out of fear but for other reasons having to do with personal values and the fact that the planet needs me to stop doing it.

That said here are some of my bookmarked places. Some belong to folks who have posted here, most don’t so far as I know

I’m going to go to every concert I can.






My wife and I were planning to meet up with her cousin’s family (from Berlin) in this house in Tuscany this summer:


We rented this place for a couple weeks in 2007, though Inter Chalet, before Airbnb existed. My kids have fond memories of the house and the vacation. We wanted to make sure we had a great family vacation before my oldest son went away to college this fall. Maybe we’ll try again in 2021.

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