Where do you buy things you need as a host (Key Vault and essentials for guests)

Hi there,

I am Samuel and starting with Air-Bnb. I wanted to ask whether there is some kind of online-shop, which is specialized on catering to the needs of Air-Bnb hosts. A place where you can get everything you need as host (key vaults, towels, shampoo, etc.). Can you recommend anything other than Amazon?

Thank you very much in advance!

There are sites that specialize in hotel supplies but I’ve found them to be extremely over-priced because they are selling products for commercial use.

I get all my supplies from Costco, Walmart, and Amazon.


Amazon, Walmart, Dollar General :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! I’ll try the stores mentioned above them :grinning:

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Costco, Amazon and my go-to. Some things at Walmart. For soaps, shampoos and some linens, Marshalls or similar stores like Ross, Home Goods, etc. I’m in the US.

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Amazon, Vitacost, Jet.com, Costco, Wayfair, Overstock.com

There really isn’t one set place for all the things needed.

If you need a small quantity of hotel style amenities and sample sizes, Minimus.biz is good. Some of their prices are silly, but some are reasonable, and they have free shipping with a $25 purchase.

There are other sites that sell amenity toiletries for hotels, but the minimum quantities you need to purchase don ‘t work for me.

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I mostly use Amazon since they deliver quickly. Shampoo, dish washing liquid, body wash, etc. I buy at the dollar store. Towels and sheets I buy at Kohls when I have the 30% coupon.

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My personal experience is that there is a premium for any buying site that “specializes” in STR supplies. (Maybe not linen service, but toothbrushes and such.) I’d rather spend a few minutes finding CVS or Amazon bargains than outsource my sourcing.


I do too but there’s another great reason.

In the olden days, pre-Amazon, we had to keep receipts for every tiny thing we bought. My method was to bung all the receipts into a large envelope that started bursting at the seams in no time. So when it was time for the accountant to step in and do his tax and year end stuff, there was a motley assortment of envelopes containing an even motlier selection of old and largely unreadable pieces of paper. Therefore I felt obliged to do plenty of sorting beforehand.

Now at year end I just give the Amazon password to the accountant and he takes it from there :slight_smile:


I LOVE that about Amazon, too! All the receipts in one easy place.


Big Lots is my favorite supplier. I have a Walmart dot com account, I find they beat a lot of Amazon’s pricing and, unlike Amazon, don’t treat pantry items differently than other goods so I need coffee or cooking oil, I just order it on Walmart.

Walmart ships free if it is over $50, no membership needed.

We used to have Amazon Prime, I deal with Walmart and Big Lots mainly now.

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I am plus member of Sam’s club. They have tons of stuff free shipping for plus members. I have toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo & conditioner, dishwasher, hand wash soap, trash bags, sugar & cream shipped regularly with no shipping charge. They are better price than Amazon. Buy white towels from Costco. Amazon I only buy coffee, face tissues and AC filters. Please share where you shop for the good stuff. I would like to know where you shop for good white cotton sheets with a good price. Maybe in bulk.

Sheets and towels we are getting at the JC Penny spring white sale, everything is 40% to 50% off the usual retail price and it happens every year.